(Finished) Big Fly-in and Fly-out at Sofia! @ LBSF - 111700ZAPR20

Thanks for the event @AviatorAlex. Have a safe flight y’all! Nice seeing some action in the Balkans, my origin :)


@Bradgibbs01 i will f
ollow u …u can take off

The RWY entrance he used isn’t in use irl now, there are planes parked there and the taxiway is closed

Thanks, but I wouldn’t go that far personally! :D


okay lining up now

thank you @AviatorAlex and happy flying guys…see you all in upcoming events


I’va had problems with the tablet and i don’t know why it doesn’t work… Sorry guys

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Thanks @AviatorAlex for the event and to everyone that have fly with us !

thx! see you next time in the Balkans!

@AviatorAlex @Jeno_Farkas accompany me till EDLW :-)

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Guys, time for the thing every event organizer is supposed to do after every event - thank the participants!

I’d like to give a special thanks to you, guys, for making this event awesome. The organization itself isn’t enough, the participants have the most impact on the fun. You made this event an awesome one!

I’d also like to thank you all for making this unknown to most of the IFC airport even just a day. As I said in my original post, this is my home airport and I’ve always dreamt of seeing a lot of people at it.

I’d like to give a special thanks to @Jeno_Farkas, who agreed to partner my event. (And I just noticed he is the CEO of Wizz VA)

There were some very slight realism issues that only I could see, as I’m flying here all the time, but that was the point of the event. Getting people to know that this airport exists.

There probably were some organization and information issues. That is my first event, and, based on the feedback you guys gave me just now, I guess I did my job of organizing the event pretty well :D

I hope we will all see each other in future events (maybe another Balkan one, if you’re interested, you can find the link somewhere above) or maybe we fly together sometime.

Thank you all for participating in my event and I truly, with all my heart, hope that I made your day at least a bit fun and original.

Once again, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope we keep in touch with all of you guys!

Stay safe!


Heck yeah we need more events from unpopular airports!


And last, but not least. If you want to join another event at some unpopular airports, you can check out this one: The Spring Balkan Fly-out! @LYBE, LBSF, LATI, LROP || 261000ZAPR20

There’s plenty of space left, so if you’re interested in flying to unpopular airports, that event will definitely catch your attention.


Some cool photos! Once again thanks for the event.

@Jeno_Farkas you might like this one


Oh, and one more thing. Odd Apple reference I’ll post some screenshots from the event after I land. Thank you all once more, you made my day awesome!

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Omg your pictures…

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Btw, how do you do these tilted views from the cockpit? Free cam, I know, but how do you tilt it?

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I just tilt them in Lightroom.

Oh… me dumb

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