[FINISHED] Big Australia Day Fly-Out @ YSSY - 262200ZJAN19


Australia Day is the official national day of Australia.
Celebrated annually on 26 January, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip.

Join us aussies and IFC members at Sydney Intl Airport for a massive Australian Day Fly-Out Event!

We will all be gathering at the main/busiest hub for Australia and the airport closest to the landings in 1788;
Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport

Sydney Airport [YSSY] [SYD] is one of the world’s longest continuously operated commercial airports and is the busiest airport in Australia, handling 42.6 million passengers and 348,904 aircraft movements in 2016–17. It’s also a vital role of Qantas’s flight operations as Sydney is Qantas’s main hub for all flight operations and currently 46 domestic and 43 international destinations are served to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport


Please be sure to read throughly all event details:


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January 25, 2019 10:00 PM



Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport



  • This event will be conducted on the Expert Server
  • Regarding ATC, we are hoping that Tyler S could include this event in his 21-27 Jan 19 ATC Schedule


To request a gate,
Please state the Airline, Destination and Aircraft of your flight and you will be provided with a gate
Please additionally make sure that your flight is a real flight by checking here
And also please note that the gate reservations are first in, best dressed

Thanks for your understanding!



Terminal One (T1)

International Terminal

  • Air_Canada_tail Air Canada
  • Air_China_tail Air China
  • Air_India_tail Air India
  • Air_New_Zealand_tail Air New Zealand
  • Air_Niugini_tail Air Niugini
  • Air_Vanuatu_tail Air Vanuatu
  • AirAsia-tailfin-64x50 Air Asia X
  • Aircalin_tail AirCalin
  • All_Nippon_Airways_tail All Nippon Airways
  • AmericanAirlines_tail American Airlines
  • Asiana_Airlines_tail Asian Airlines
  • British_Airways_tail British Airways
  • JD_tailfin Capital Airways
  • SQ Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Cebu_Pacific_tail Cebu Pacific Air
  • China_Airlines_tail China Airlines
  • China_Eastern_tail China Eastern Airlines
  • China_Southern_tail China Southern Airlines
  • Delta_tail Delta Air Lines
  • Emirates_tail Emirates
  • Etihad_tail Ethiad Airways
  • Fiji_Airways_tail Fiji Airways
  • Garuda_tail Garuda Indonesia
  • Hainan_Airlines_tail Hainan Airlines
  • Hawaiian_tail Hawaiian Airlines
  • JAL_tail Japan Airlines
  • Jetstar_tail Jetstar
  • Korean_Air_tail Korean Air
  • LATAM_tail LATAM
  • Malaysia_tail Malaysia Airlines
  • Phillipine_Airlines_tail Philippine
  • Qantas_tail Qantas
  • QatarAirways_tail Qatar Airways
  • Samoa_Airways Samoa Airways
  • Scoot_tail_FA Scoot
  • Sichuan_Airlines_tail Sichuan Airways
  • _tail Singapore Airlines
  • Thai_tail Thai Airways
  • 18a0093_Sydney_Airport_Tianjin_Tail_DesignV3 Tianjin Airlines
  • United_Airlines_tail United Airlines
  • Vietnam_Airlines_tail Vietnam Airlines
  • Virgin_Australia_airlines_tail Virgin
  • Xiamen_tail Xiamen Airlines

yes, i downloaded all of those tails and typed all of those airlines out

Terminal Two (T2)

Domestic Terminal

  • FC-TailLogo Fly Corporate
  • FlyPelican_tail Fly Pelican
  • Jetstar_tail JetStar
  • Qantas_tail Qantas/QantasLink
  • Rex_Regional_Express_tail Rex
  • tiger_airways_tail Tiger Air
  • Virgin_Australia_airlines_tail Virgin
Terminal Three (T3)

Qantas Domestic Terminal

Qantas_tail Qantas/QantasLink - ONLY DOMESTIC



Terminal One (T1)
Gate/Max Aircraft Pilot Airline & Aircraft Destination
Cargo 1-01 – B744 @Mavic EK/772 Dubai
Cargo 1-02 – B744
Cargo 1-03 – B744
Cargo 1-04 – B744
Cargo 1-05 – A388/B748 @dylonez EK/A388 Auckland
Cargo 1-06 – A388/B748 @macharyone SQ/A388 Singapore
Gate 1-08 – A388/B748 @Luke_M QFA/A388 Dubai
Gate 1-09 – A388/B748 @Luke_Sta DAL/788 Los Angeles
Gate 1-10 – A388/B748 @TenMileJones QFA/A388 Los Angeles
Gate 1-24 – A388/B748 @joslleymiguel_holand LH/A388 Frankfurt
Gate 1-25 – B748 @Springbok777 SAA/742 O.R. Tambo
Gate 1-30 – B744 @esant_15 QTR/773 Doha
Gate 1-31 – B744 @SirMarkieMark UAE/777 Dubai
Gate 1-32 – B744 @Lucas_Piedra UAL/789 Houston
Gate 1-33 – B744 @fight181 JST/788 Hawaii
Gate 1-34 – B744
Gate 1-35 – B744
Gate 1-36 – B744
Gate 1-37 – B744
Gate 1-50 – B742 @AviationGaming UAL/789 Houston
Gate 1-51 – B744 @Thomas CSN/788 Guangzhou
Gate 1-53 – B744 @Captain_James1 QFA/744 ?
Gate 1-54 – B744
Gate 1-55 – B737/A320 @MJhendo ANZ/A320
Gate 1-56 – B744
Gate 1-57 – A388/B748 @ChaiAir SA/A388 Singapore
Gate 1-58 – B744 @Captcharlie07 JAL/789 Tokyo
Gate 1-59 – B744
Gate 1-60 – B744 @corveenleem PAL/773 Ninoy Aquino
Gate 1-61 – A388/B748 @Abel_Kocsis ETD/A388 Abu Dubai
Gate 1-63 – B737/A320 @GlobalFlyer1 FJI/738 Nadi
Terminal Two (T2)
Gate/Max Aircraft Pilot Airline & Aircraft Destination
Gate 2-31 – 738
Gate 2-32 – 738 @Luca_Collins JST/A322 Sunshine Coast
Gate 2-33 – 738/A320 @Angelo JST/A322 Perth
Gate 2-34 – A320/A321 @Jetstar582 JST/A322 Gold Coast
Gate 2-35 – 738/A320 @Kacey VA/738 Sunshine Coast
Gate 2-36 – A320
Gate 2-38 – 738 @Pilotcorn09 VA/738 Townsville
Gate 2-39 – 332
Gate 2-40 – 332
Gate 2-41 – 738/A321 @LachyRobertson VA/738 Ballina
Gate 2-42– 738/A320 @Cwilliams21 VA/738 Sunshine Coast
Gate 2-43 – 738/A320
Gate 2-44 – 332
Gate 2-45 – 332 @AviationGaming DLH Melbourne
Gate 2-49 – B767/A321
Gate 2-52 – 738/A321
Gate 2-53 – B767/A321
Gate 2-55 – B767/A321
Gate 2-56 – 737/A320 Gate booked by VGVA
Gate 2-57 – A320 Gate booked by VGVA
Gate 2-58– 738/A320 Gate booked by VGVA
Gate 2-59 – A320 Gate booked by VGVA
Terminal Three (T3)
Gate/Max Aircraft Pilot Airline & Aircraft Destination
Gate 2-01 – 738 @Jonathan_limento QFA/738 Melbourne
Gate 2-02 – 763 @Samuel_Maltry1 QFA/738 Melbourne
Gate 2-03 – 738 Logan Woods QFA/738 Melbourne
Gate 2-04 – A332 Harry Stevens QFA/738 Melbourne
Gate 2-05 – 738 William Miolan QFA/738 Melbourne
Gate 2-06 – 763 Paul Chen QFA/738 Melbourne
Gate 2-07 – 738 FranΓ§ois Panet Raymond QFA/738 Melbourne
Gate 2-08 – 738 @DaniCP QFA/738 Melbourne
Gate 2-09 – 738 @Charles_L QFA/738 Adelaide
Gate 2-10 – 744 @Luke_L QFA/744 Melbourne
Gate 2-11 – A333 @Josh QFA/738 Melbourne
Gate 2-12 – 738 @Adam_S QFA/738 Alice Springs
Gate 2-13 – A333 @B737lover QFA/A333 Perth
Gate 2-14 – DH8D @Ash_Rand QLK/DH8 Lorde Howe Island
Gate 2-16 – 763 @Captainshayan QFA/A333 Melbourne
Gate 2-17 – DH8D


Questions, comments, enquires, requests?

Feel free to shoot me a PM or send me a message here on this thread

Hope to see you in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia!


@Mavic; For creating an awesome gate List
@Lachy_R @Panther and @Jonathan_limento for helping me out

Thanks guys!

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Sydney airport charts



I’ll take gate 50 UAL100 789 to KIAH.

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  • Emirates Cargo
  • Dubai Int (OMDB)
  • 777-200F
  • Callsign - EK413

See you there bro πŸ€™

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I will take any T1 Delta Gate to KLAX- 787-8 Please!

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I’ll take any Qantas gate in the A388 to KLAX please

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International Professional Pilots Event Partnership

IPP is partnering up with us to create an awesome experience for
everyone and many of their pilots will be gearing up to fly out of Sydney as well!

If you would like, you can check out IPP here;


Well, if I am not doing anything that day could I please have T3 Gate 2-14 to Lord Howe Island (YLHI) in a Qantaslink Dash 8?

Edit: Callsign QLK2260

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Hello, could I please have Gate 2-38 with the Virgin Australia B738 to YBTL.

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Hello there, I want to be part of this event but it seems that my invitation has been delayed because there is no lufthansa in your list, and congratulations to you for the time you have spent in organizing this event. I know how difficult it is, so if you add lufthansa here, these are my data.
airplane - A380-800
airline - lufthansa
destination - EDDF
remarked: this is a flight that stops in singapore for 2h30 minutes, and then continues to germany, so this is the flight I want to do, I would appreciate it if you give me a gate.

  • Virgin Australia

  • 737-800

  • To the Sunshine Coast

See you there!


excellent, thank you very much


You chose wisely (squinting me eyes) πŸ˜‰


@Luke_M could I get a Virgin 737-8 gate to Sunshine Coast


Virgin Australia flight 1141 to Ballina (YBNA), in the 737-800.

Very well organised event. Will be sure not to miss it πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί


Sorry but I’m taking a break from the IFC. I won’t be able to attend.


I’ll fly the 9am Korean Air service out of T1 to Seoul with an A380.


I’ll take any T1 gate
SQ to WSSS on an A388
Callsign: SVA978


Hi there, thank you for this event. I will take any gate. I will be flying the Singapore Airline’s A388 en route to VABB with a stopover in Singapore (WSSS)


Hi, can I have any gate
Airline: Jetstar
Aircraft: A320-200

Thanks @Jetstar582


Would love to join, sign me up for a gate!

Gate: 1-55
Flight: NZ832 (A320)
Destination: Queenstown (NZQN)