FINISHED! Beautiful TBM alps tour series | Part 1 | @ LOWW - 091600ZJUN19

Beautiful TBM Alps tour


Event series description

Hello and welcome to what will be a beautiful tour of the Alps! This event series will consist of 21 flights around the alps but divided into 7 weeks. This means that at every event we will do 3 flights. @Jakub_Astary will also be assisting me in this event series. In the first part, we will fly from Vienna to Graz, then to Ljubljana and finally to Klagenfurt. So let’s all fly in the Alps in the wonderful and colourful TBM!

Event details - part 1

Server: Expert
Time and date: 2019-06-09T16:00:00Z
Aircraft: TBM-930

Leg 1 flight information

Departure airport: LOWW
Arrival airport: LOWG
Cruising altitude: 14000ft
Cruising speed: 200kts IAS

Leg 2 flight information

Departure airport: LOWG
Arrival airport: LJLJ
Cruising altitude: 12000ft
Cruising speed: 150kts IAS

Leg 3 flight information

Departure airport: LJLJ
Arrival airport: LOWK
Cruising altitude: 11000ft
Cruising speed: 150kts IAS


  • The departure and landing runways for each airport will be announced on the day of the event
  • Spawn at your assigned GA stand 10-15 minutes before departure time
  • Do not despawn when we arrive at each airport. Just park, refuel, copy flight plan and then follow the group
  • Copy my flight plan for each leg
  • Have fun!¸

Vienna airport gates

GA WEST A60: @Philippe_Gilbert event leader
GA WEST A70: @Jakub_Astary
GA WEST A81: @IFC_Flying_Dutchman
GA WEST A82: @Franksaviation515
GA WEST A83: @Aviation-21
GA WEST A84: @Ben_Murtagh1
GA EAST A50: @Airwolf

Other important information

  • During the event, your display name must be your IFC username so that I know who is present and who is missing.
  • Zero tolerance for trolling. Trollers will be reported to moderators.
  • Me and @Jakub_Astary will be the first ones to taxi, takeoff and land at each airport. It is imperative that everyone gives us priority.

How well would you rate this first part of this event series? Are there things that I should improve on? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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I’ll have a gate

I would like to join

I’ll take a gate.

I want join ,please give me a gate

@JeromeJ, @Franksaviation515, @Aviation-21and @JWang-JW, you have all been added. See you all at the event!

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This event needs more attendees!

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Hi there! Put me on A85 :)

I want to join

@IFC_Flying_Dutchman and @Ben_Murtagh1, you have both been added! See you at the event!

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Can I be a possible? I have a 50/50 chance of making it.

Ok, I will give you a stand.

ill be spectating in my private aircraft. -NBSYT

I’ll join maybe. Since I couldn’t attend your Montreal event

Ok, i will assign you the last stand

The event time has been changed to 1600Z! That’s one hour later!


You should @ to everyone participating

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@Jakub_Astary, @JeromeJ, @Franksaviation515, @Aviation-21, @JWang-JW, @IFC_Flying_Dutchman, @Ben_Murtagh1, @Capt_Ced and @anon45500775, the event time has been changed to 1600Z. That’s one hour later.


I will have to drop out.

@Capt_Ced, you have been removed.