[FINISHED] Avianca Virtual Group Presents: Our Inaugural Event! @ SKBO // 022000ZNOV19

Welcome to our inaugural event!

To celebrate the opening of our VA, we are hosting our first event! As a very successful summer comes to a close, and autumn begins, what’s a better way to celebrate?

Bogotá, though not very busy in Infinite Flight, is the third busiest airport in Latin America, with services to destinations just 50 miles away in Villavicencio to 6,660 miles away in Istanbul. With all of these routes and the beautiful scenery, there’s a route for everyone to fly!

Want to know more?
Passengers Served (2018) 32,716,468
Cargo Tonnage (2018) 741,502
Aircraft Movements (2018) 304,330
Elevation AMSL 8,361 ft
% of Air Traffic In Colombia 49%
Terminals 2
Runways 2
Airlines 33 Pax, 22 Cargo
Destinations 109


Flight Information

Server: Expert

Route: Any!

Time/Date: 2019-11-02T20:00:00Z

^ This automatically converts to your timezone! ^


  • All Avianca Virtual Group pilots are required to use their callsign during the flyout.

  • Spawn time is 15 minutes before the event begins.

  • If there is ATC, follow all directions given.

  • If there is not ATC, use Unicom properly and be respectable.

  • Follow all Expert Server guidelines.

  • Flight info will be sent out to all participants via PM one day prior to the event.


El Dorado consists of two passenger terminals:

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is split into two concourses:

The South Concourse, which exclusively serves Avianca’s domestic operations

The North Concourse, which serves all other traffic aside from EasyFly and Satena.

Terminal 2

Also known as the Puente Aéreo, it serves exclusively EasyFly and Satena traffic.

Gate Assignments

Terminal 1 - North
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Callsign
11 Avianca A318 SBGL @Dannyboy08 Norworld 2008
12 Avianca A318 KMIA @Micah_Brazil AVVA-005
13 Avianca A318 SPJC
15 Avianca B788 LEMD @anon45500775 Avianca 26
17 Avianca B788 KJFK @AndrewWu AVVA-135
19 KLM B789 EHAM
20 Avianca B788 KLAX @Altaria55 AVVA-001
22 Spirit A320 KMCO
24 Avianca B788 LEBL @snoman Avianca 18
27 Avianca B788 SBGR @Infinite_Qantas AVVA-007
29 Lufthansa A346 EDDF
32 Avianca A318 KMIA @IFFM_jhon_Garcia AVVA-2912
35 Copa Airlines B738 MPTO @Neto_Campelo Copa 1490
36 JetBlue A320 KMCO
41 LAN B767 SCEL @BadPlane Avianca 43 Heavy
43 Avianca B788 EGLL @TransportForLife Avianca 120
45 AirFrance B789 LFPG
47 Avianca A318 TNCA
49 Avianca A318 MDPC
51 Avianca A318 MMMX
53 Delta B752 KATL @Redevil26SD Delta 2387
55 American A320 KMIA @JuanCrafter_Pro
56 JetBlue A321 KFLL @Captain_T_Malone
Terminal 1 - South
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Callsign
71 Avianca A318 SKBQ @Will_A Avianca 9416
72 Avianca A318 SKCC
73 Avianca A318 SKCL
74 Avianca A318 SKCG @Jeronimo_Castro Avianca 9572
76 Avianca A318 SKSM
77 Avianca DH8D SKYP
79 Avianca DH8D SKIB
81 Avianca A318 SKRG
83 Avianca DH8D SKMZ
84 Avianca DH8D SKNV
85 Avianca A318 SKPS
86 Avianca DH8D SKCO
87 Avianca DH8D SKVV
88 Avianca DH8D SKMZ
Terminal 2 (Puente Aéreo)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Callsign
F01 EasyFly DH8D SKFL
F02 Satena DH8D SKUI
F03 EasyFly DH8D SKYP
F04 EasyFly DH8D SKPP
F05 Satena DH8D SKPD
F06 Satena DH8D SKMU
F07 Satena DH8D SKNA
F08 EasyFly DH8D SKBQ
F09 Satena DH8D SKBU
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Callsign
E01 Avianca Cargo B777(F) KMIA
E02 LATAM Cargo B777(F) KHSV
E03 DHL B752(F) MPTO
E04 Avianca Cargo B777(F) SGAS
E05 Martinair MD11(F) EHAM
E06 UPS MD11(F) KMIA @10R80_Daily Marine 0811
E07 LATAM Cargo B777(F) SBGL
E08 FedEx B777(F) KMIA
E09 Avianca Cargo B777(F) SUMU
E10 UPS A332(F) KSDF
E11 FedEx B777(F) KMEM
E12 Emirates SkyCargo B777(F) OMDW
E13 Avianca Cargo B777(F) SEQM
E14 Cargolux B748(F) ELLX
E15 Turkish Cargo A332(F) KJFK
E16 Ethiopian Cargo MD11(F) KMIA
E17 Avianca Cargo B777(F) KDFW
E18 Korean Air Cargo B777(F) RKSI

Aircraft have been selected so that most aircraft will have liveries.

Avianca, EasyFly, and Satena DH8Ds are substituting ATR-72 routes, and Avianca Cargo B777F routes are replacing the A332F due to the lack of a Generic livery for that aircraft. These routes cannot have their aircraft changed.

If you would like to fly the IRL aircraft operated on the route in the Generic livery, please state that in your gate request and we will change it for you.

Thanks to @Infinite_Qantas and @Jeronimo_Castro for helping plan and organize these routes!

All AVVA pilots who attend will receive a 2.5x flight time bonus!

This event is planned and hosted by Avianca Virtual.

Want to apply? All you have to do is ----> Click Here! <----


The date needs to be fixed :). Very well organized event. Kudos to you guys


Yup, just realized I skipped over that twice. Thanks!



Gate 17 to JFK please. AVVA-135


You’re signed up! Thank you!


This one, por favor

Super excited for your VA!

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What will your callsign be?

Felicitaciones parceros!

Avianca 18!

Gate 15 to Madrid… any chance Barcelona is available?

This please

53 Delta B752 KATL


Gate E14 to Luxembourg please- AVVA-999

Gate 71 to Barranquilla please!

Stunning city with some neat family history. Can’t wait :)

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I already requested that one

You’re signed up!
@Will_A and @Redevil26SD What Will your callsign be?


Great event, glad I could help 🙂

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Avianca 9416

That’s one of the many flight numbers used by this route.

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Can I have a generic 767F to Peru?

Can I have a gate to Madrid (gate 15) Avianca 10

I’ve added you :)
Hope to see you at the event.