(FINISHED)Australia's Biggest Airshow @YPAD - 232000ZDEC18


All right, I’ll think about it


I decided to stay at F-14, because I can do better acrobatics with it (in A-10 also does great stunts, but the F-14 has a higher speed)


Sign me up with a qantaslink a320


Sure thing, what time slot do you want?


6:00 is this in Australian time


6:00am Brisbane time.


Could i do 7:30am brisbane time.
Sorry for the inconvenience


Do u choose my gate or…


I’ll put ou in a gate.


Ok thanks I can’t wait for the event


My name in infinite flight is Greenone 16


Sign me up at 8:00 AM with a 787-9 Qantas, thanks. Btw my infinite flight call sign is: N339RG Super


You were already signed up, Do you want to change your time and aircraft?


Oh sorry my schedule has been busy

And I’m a duffer, very sorry but is 7:30 taken?


I’ll come,

Callsign: Sandwich
Aircraft: A318

See you there!


@N339RGsuper_bruce 7:30 is taken. Do you want to change your time slot?

@ET_Mavic Sure thing, what time slot do you want?


This time thanks


Can I get the 21:48-21:53 part?
B789 JAL fly by;)
Is just fly by ok or do I have to do some other stuff to attend?
And is there going to be a discord server for people to talk or no?@pilotcorn09


Sure, you can do a fly by, but can you fly pass the attendees/other contestants above them first then come around and fly low over the runway and then continue where you wanna go and for your second question, there will be a discord server and its ready but I wont release it yet.


Roger dat!!
I’mma gonna go practice now lol