(FINISHED)Australia's Biggest Airshow @YPAD - 232000ZDEC18


Sure, see you there.


I’ll take any time slot with the Super Decathlon


Sure, see you there.


This event is in December …


slaps head you can tell I didn’t read it…


Nothing happened :-)


The event will start in 23 days! I’m very excited!


Can pilots get a spectate gate so they can spectate before/after their display?


The pilots can spawn in at their gate when the airshow begins if they want and then once they land, they can park at any gate and stay and watch the rest of the airshow if they want.


Also the time is not correct it is not am it is pm


What do you mean?


Well in the date it says 6:30 am SA time but the title says 6:30 pm SA time


Dont worry i just refreshed the page and it fixed it self just a glitch


But i cant make it at that time i dont think.


Oh ok, just let me know if you cant come.


Sure i will get back to you closer to the event


I’m in for this! Will be coming in with a 787-10


Sure, what time slot do you want?


I wonder if I change the aircraft from F-14 to A-10 🤔


You can if you want.