(FINISHED)Australia's Biggest Airshow @YPAD - 232000ZDEC18


I am in Qantas 737 - 800 give me any slot thanks


also I live in Adelaide YPAD so don’t make a time for me to early or late


We have 2 raptor pilots 1 viper pilot 1 heritage pilot


Ok thanks, I’ll assign you gates closet to the takeoff/landing runway


Can I have gate for a318


Sure, will anytime do?


@Adelaide_Aviation @QantasAviator @Toxic_Inferno7 @Alex_Everything @Samuel_Gallacher @morgan99 I have you all assigned gates, before the airshow, please spawn at your gate and wait before your turn. Alex, what time slot do you want?

@N339RGsuper_bruce Are you able to attend?

@rubinedan Do you want to attend the event?


an airshow? im so going!


Sign me up! Aircraft: F-14

I have a question: Can I do the acrobatics which I want?


Sure which time slot do you want. And yes, you can do any manuver.


What time slot do you want?


2042Z to 2047Z


I’ll take 2100-2105


@Kaiserthebloo which aircraft are you flying?


As I wrote above F-14


Ok, sorry, I just realised when I saw you typing.


Could I join using an F22?


A320 qantas


Yes sure, what time slot do you want?


Hello, yes I am able to attend. I will take any gate and anytime.
Aircraft: Airbus Livery A340