[FINISHED] Australia Gathering @ YSSY - 211800ZJUL18

Sweden and i’m two hours ahead of Zulu time. The event starts at 8.00PM for me.

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Yeah it’ll be on the 20th (Friday)

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Hey, is this possible?

  • Fly out
  • QF803
  • Qantas 737-800
  • To YSCB
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Great! You’re at Gate 3 at Terminal 2. See you there

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is the time still the same?

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I realised I made a mistake with the time. The title is correct but in the original post, the time was wrong. I have changed it now.

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Hey Panther, would love to attend…

Dynasty 52
China Airlines B773
Taipei, Taoyuan Int (RCTP)
Gate | 25 | (preferably, as they operate from this gate only)

Personally I fly this route A LOT from my home city Sydney to my relatives in Taiwan, but with the new China Airlines A359, gonna sub with the 773 tho

Ty in advance, Joshh

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Hey @panther, I might do an overnight flight and fly into Sydney. Do u know yet if there will be active ATC.

I will be asking Tyler to allow ATC service in Sydney for this event. As of now, no

Ok, I’ll accept this. Gate 25 is yours (Terminal 1)

fly in - VHHH - cathay a333

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You’ll be arriving at Gate 31 at Terminal 1. see you there!

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awesome can’t wait! :)

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Can I fly from YSSY to WIII? Gate 24 would be fine, and I will be operating as GIA713 in a Garuda 77W. Hope to see you there!

hey, unfortunately, it’s operated by an A332. If you could give me some proof that the 77W has been used before, I’ll add you in.

Cheers David for allowing that replacement, see you there!! 9 hour long haul let’s go!!

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It was operated by a 773 before right?

Yeah, it used to be the A333 and B773 alternating, but now with their newest A359


Hey is it possible to fly PHNL-YSSY Jetstar 787-8. Real route for reference is JQ 4.

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You’re at gate 51 in Terminal 1