[Finished] An Unrealistically Long Flight @ YSSY - 070445ZAPR18

Server: Training

Region: A pretty large chunk of the world

Airport: YSSY

Time: 0445Z (conversion): Zulu Time to Your Local Time Conversion -- TimeBie

NOTAM: Tailwinds Flying Club invites you to join us for the longest event ever hosted. We will be flying from the great Land Down Under to La France which will take around 19 hours 30 mins over a stretch of 9148nm. Hope you can make it for this historically long flight!

Aircraft: Suggested Aircraft:
JetStar 787-8
Air France 777-200ER
Boeing/Boeing Freight 747-8
Air France/Qantas A380
Note: Aircraft should be passenger/cargo free in order to make the trip

Gates: We will be using Terminal 1 gates at YSSY

A380 Gates

Gate 08: @MrAlaska QFA A388
Gate 09: @Nidhish_Kataria Gate QFA A388
Gate 10: @Jordan_Rankin AFR A388
Gate 24: @hussein_ali AFR A388

All Other Gates

Gate 25: @DiamondGaming4 AFR 777-200ER
Gate 30: @Oli_H JST 787-8
Gate 32: @Daniel14 QFA 787-9
Gate 33: @crazygamerdl AFR 777-200ER
Gate 34: @Josh VIZ 777-300ER
Gate 36: @Northwest VOZ 777-300ER
Gate 37: @Aviator_Airbus KLM 777-300ER
Gate 51: @DeltaFlyer99 AFR 777-200ER
Gate 53: @Alpster TRK 777-300ER
Gate 55: @Goran_Kamaran JST 787-8
Gate 57:

When requesting to join, please include the aircraft and airline you will be taking.

This Event Is Hosted By
Tailwinds Flying Club

Who We Are
We are a group of enthusiastic people who understand the modern day constraints of school and work.

Join Here

Official Thread


Sign me up should be able to make it… Qantas 787

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Sign me up too! Jetstar 787


You both have gates!


Actually, I don’t the Qantas 787 can make it… I’ll double check the amount of time it can fly


It can do KLAX-WSSS with a full load of Pax and cargo… that flight is 18hrs long


Ok. I’ll put you down for the 787-9.

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Ill take a Qantas A380 please :)

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Check above for your gate!

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Can I get gate 32 in an AF 772ER.

Also you put “Gate 32” down twice.

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I’ll fix that 😂 and I’ll give you one of them as well 👌


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Fixed that. Thx for notifying.

You woln’t have this for long…

Yep sign me up @Josh_H QFA 787-9
My callsign will be TFC-027


It isn’t directed to anyone it is on our thread, and the IFVARB official database thread

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You have a gate! See you there!

So you will be leaving at 1:45am est time correct?

No, no I did not think it was rude, I thought it was hilarious, it seemed as though that was a poont at my longest ever event having times that did not work well for school, and we had to change them…😂 sorry if I offended you or anything…

12:45… we will probably be changing the time to an hour earlier.