[FINISHED] American Virtual Presents: Soarin' High | The City of Angels | Vol.3 @ KLAX- 222300SEP18

Presented by American Virtual

✔️ We are an IFVARB certified VA.

Part of our Soarin’ High Series

Welcome to American Virtual’s Soarin’ High Events Series! For our third installment of this series, we will fly from the City of Angels to Dallas Fort Worth!


For this installment of “Soarin’ High”, we will be using the B789 to take us from Los Angeles/The City of Angels’ KLAX to Dallas Fort Worth’s KDFW

General Flight Info:

Server: Expert
Aircraft: B789 [787-9]
Departure Airport: KLAX: The City of Angels, California.
ETE: 2 Hours, 57 Minutes [2:57]
Time and Date: September 22, 2018 11:00 PM
Arrival Airport: KDFW: Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.

Information Such as Flight Plans, Cruise Altitude and Speed will be given on Departure Day.

Gate Assigments

Concourse D (AAVA)
Gate Pilot Callsign
D06: @VAnuj AAVA007
D07: @IanD AAVA1583
D08: @Darren_Waunn AAVA1725
D09: @Justin_Chan AAVA1403
D10: @InfiniteFlightAvgeek AAVA272
D11: @IF_Aviation1 AAVA2019
D12: @Connor_Long AAVA0012
D14: @AsternAviation AAVA4195
D16: @AIDAN101 AAVA101
D17: @sehevu AAVA3341
Concourse C (Guests)
Gate Pilot
C27: @esant_15
C28: @Sammy_Droubi
C29: @EthanT2
C30: @Airbus747
C31: @Pilot_SK
C33: @Melvo077


First and foremost, have fun. Secondly, please follow proper flying etiquette when flying. Follow all event instructions listed above to your best ability.

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I’ll take D07, thanks. Callsign AAVA272

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Yesss. A time that works a for me!! I’ll take a gate. AAVA2549

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I’ll take a gate, AAVA1725. Should be fun

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Gate D7, callsign AAVA1583.

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Can I have gate C27?

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I’ll take a gate!
Can’t wait to fly boeings masterpiece


I would take my Concourse D gate any gate in concourse D is fine for me.AAVA2019

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Everyone has been put in! Thanks for signing up!

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can i have a non aava gate? callsign AOVA 120

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Hi I take gate please thx u


I’ll take a gate! AAVA0012


Sounds great! Can I have gate C29?


All of you have been put in-

Thanks for signing up!

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You’ve been put in! Thanks for signing up!

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Put me down for D14 any would be ok to

just found out i can’t come, sry

Sign me up as AAVA1403! (Actually part of AAVA)

3 Days away!

Make sure to get a gate while you can!

Remove me, please. Can’t make it