[Finished] American Virtual Inaugural Event! @ KJFK- 231400ZDEC17

Server: Expert

Region: Eastern US

Airport: KJFK-KCLT

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: Join American Virtual for their inaugural flight from John F Kennedy Intl to Charlotte Douglas Intl. We will be flying any American Airlines aircraft. Our climb rate will be 2000 vs @245 knots airspeed up to 10k feet, and then a climb rate of 1700 vs @345 knots up to 25k feet. We will descend at the same rates and speeds. Once sign ups close on December 21st, a PM with all participants will be sent out including flight info. Reply below with your call sign, choice of aircraft and requested gate! Thanks everyone and we look forward to an amazing first event for AAVA!



Terminal 1: Reserved for the executives and managers of American Virtual
Gate 1: @Chris_Hoover - MD11
Gate 2: @Bobby - A321
Gate 3: @N1DG
Gate 4: @Grady_Herbert
Gate 5: @Etrain (Maybe)
Gate 6: @L.A.Aviation (Maybe)
Gate 7: @Chief305 - B738
Gate 8: @Gavin_Hertel
Gates 9-11: Reserved

Terminal 2: Reserved for AAVA pilots
Gate C60: @Dillion_Birdnecklace - B738
Gate C61: @Kilt_McHaggis - B738
Gate C62: @JoeyTheNarwhal - B738
Gate C63: @LoganIsLogan14 - MD11
Gate C64: @Oscar_Santos - B738
Gate C65: @Ethan_Lembree23 - US Air E-175
Gate C66: @ShadowOutlaw - B738
Gate C67:
Gate C68:
Gate C69:
Gate C70:

Terminal 4: Open to AAVA pilots and the general public
Gate A3: @Mks713 - A320
Gate A5: @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF - A320
Gate B20: @xSev - A320
Gate B22: @BrownGamer14 - MD-11
Gate B23: @Lucas_Piedra - A320
Gate B24: @horizonmaster03 - A321
Gate B25: @ZZBossGaming - MD11
Gate B26: @Chris_Carca - MD11
Gate B27: @Flyboy737 - B787-9
Gate B28: @JL727 - MD11
Gate B29: @PeterCLE - MD11
Gate B30: @Miguel_Ortiz - MD11
Gate B31: @AnthonyPit2 - B787-9
Gate B32: @HighRisePilot - B738
Gate B33: @Matthew_Rush - B738
More gates will be added if needed

Again thank you everyone and we hope to see you there! If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
Chris Hoover


Sign me up Chris! Looking foward to our very first event ;)!

Awesome! Thanks! Call sign, and aircraft?

Gate 7 in the American 738 please :)!

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You bet see you there!

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Can a fellow pilot get a gate? 737-800

Don’t see why not! I’ll give you gate C60 :)

May I take T4 gate B23 please?

You bet! What Aircraft?

I’ll take the American a320

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Sign me up please, A320

Gate B24, A320. Thank you

Sign me up! I’ll be there in an a320.

@Mks713 @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF @xSev your all in there!

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I’ll fly.
I’ll take American 1652, MD11, B22.

Roger your up there :)

I’m actually waiting to hear back from AAVA, but I’ll be there in a 321 if you’ll sign me up!

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Alright sounds good! I’ll be looking at your application shortly- I’m in the hospital right now so I’ll need some time :)

I’m waiting to be accepted but I would love to get a gate! Gate C62 if I am accepted would be great!

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Alright I’ll get you up there shortly :)
I’ll be looking at your application shortly- I’m in the hospital right now so I’ll need some time :)