[FINISHED] AllegiantAir’s “Quick Events” Presents: Aer Lingus flight to Dublin @ EGLL - 042200ZFEB18

Server: Expert

Region: Europe

Airport: EGLL

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: *- Please copy my FPL before departing London.

  • We will be using the Aer Lingus A321 for the flight, and will be spawning in between gates, 505 and Gates 523.

  • We will be Cruising at 33000 and Speed will be Mach 0.78.*


AllegiantAir’s quick Events is going to be a series of events that are located in the vicinity of where IFATC is serving for that day. This is a trial event, if this goes well, then I will continue to do it constantly. Hope you come to the event!



Sounds fun! I think I might join. Just some quick advice. Always plan your events ahead of time so people can plan ahead and more people will attend the event.

I know that, but it is more of a “group flight” not a organized event lol

Can I join because I like a321

Yep, just make sure to be there when I tell you, and make sure to copy my FPL😉

What time is this cst because I want to watch the super 🍲

It is 4:00 PM cst. But you should be fine, as the game starts 5:15 Cst.

So isn’t the flight 1 hour

Yes, and the flight will end right about when the game kicks off.

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Any specific gate or something

Nope, just spawn anywhere between gate 505 and gate 523 at EGLL

😂😂😂…sounds Gucci to me

I wish it wasn’t expert :(

Sorry, maybe some other time I will do an event on Training server

Btw, my callsign will be Shamrock 69 and my username will be zuluwukududupoo

About 30 minutes till Departure! If you want you can start spawning in

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Ceck in with callsign Aer Lingus 534, will psawn in few 10 min…

Okay, I will put you down as attending

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Thank you for attending, see at soon few minutes.

About 20 minutes to push and start!