[Finished] AirSmallVirtual | Jackpot Vegas Fly-In - @ KLAS - 112100ZMAY18

Server: Expert

Region: West Coast, US

Airport: KLAS

Time: 2100Z

Time Conversions
  • 1:00am Dubai
  • 11:00pm CEST (Paris)
  • 10:00pm BST (Europe)
  • 5:00pm EST
  • 4:00pm CDT
  • 3:00pm MDT
  • 2:00pm PDT


About the Event: The event is being held for AirSmallVirtual and will be taking place at LAS. We will be flying into Las Vegas from the departure origin. Las Vegas is a very busy airport and hub to a very big AirSmall. Event is on expert server only.

About McCarran Airport: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCarran_International_Airport

NOTAM: *This event will be a professional and fun event. Please treat everyone with respect and follow the rules and guidelines. Please respect all pilots and use unicom professionally. *

Route Details


  • Infinite Flight Flight Plan: KDFW LARRN GIGEM TANNO 3247N/9744W 3254N/9814W 3312N/9936W 3331N/10103W CNX ZUN 3537N/11333W CEJAY KADDY TYSSN SUZSI PRINO KLAS

Departutre SID: KATZZ 2 Departure

Arrival STAR Chart: TYSSN 5 Arrival

Terminal @ DFW (Departure Airport)

Gate D6:
Gate D7:
Gate D8:
Gate D10: @Kevinsoto1502
Gate D11: @Nate_Schneller
Gate D12:
Gate D14:
Gate D15:
Gate D16:
Gate D17:
Gate D18:
Gate D20:
Gate D21:
Gate D22:
Gate D23:
Gate D24:
Gate D25:
Gate D27:
Gate D28:
Gate D29:
Gate D30:
Gate D31:
Gate D32:
Gate D34:
Gate D36:
Gate D37:
Gate D38:
Gate D39/40:

  • Note we will be arriving at Terminal B at Las Vegas as that is were AirSmall parks. Please park anywhere in Terminal B. If you are not familiar with Terminal B please check the diagram below:


Flight Details

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 (Generic)

Speed: 250 (Below 10k), 280 to Cruise, M0.80 Cruise

Altitude: 5,000ft to KMART, Cruise FL360

Spacing: 3nm (IFR Minimum)

About AirSmall


AirSmall is a VirtualAirliner that operates in Infinite Flight. The airline was established in March 24th, 2015. We fly to over 319 destinations around the globe and consist of 1,759 aircraft in our fleet. Our hubs include; Orlando, San Juan, LasVegas, LosAngeles, SanDiego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas-FortWorth, Dallas-Love Field, Jacksonville, John F Kennedy (NewYork), Houston-Hobby,San Antonio, Charles De Gaulle, London-Heathrow, and Amsterdam. Besides commercial aviation, AirSmall also has AirSmallCargo to help deliver your cargo on time, we also have our own connection subsidiary as AirSmallRegional. The CEO of AirSmall is Kevin Soto and the COO of AirSmall is Nate Schneller. Our CIO is Devaughn Monroe, our CFO is Michael Gonzalez and Madison Junior is our event manager. We do have rankings for pilots which consist of: Trainee, Junior First Officer, First Officer, Senior First Officer, Captain, Senior Captain. Our airline is unique for a reason, our pilots are on of the most professional pilots out of all the VA’s. Our airline will provide training for our newer pilots that can get into the ranks really quick. If more information is wish to be known about AirSmallVirtual logon to airsmallvirtual.weebly.com. And as always, “Small Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger!”

AirSmallVirtual Thread

We are IFVARB Approved ✔︎


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