[Finished] Airport MAX Out TNCM Event (Continued) @ TAPA - 251500ZNOV17

Server: Training

Airport: TAPA

Time: 14:00Z

Welcome Infinite Flight Pilots To the second part of the event!
Since Airport MAX Out at TNCM filled up so quickly, we are opening another secondary event for the community! This event is at TAPA and will be moderated by @Balloonchaser! This event will occur a 30 minutes before the first push back at our primary event. If you have already signed up for a spot, please do not request for another! This event is directly related to Airport MAX Out @ TNCM, so if you are interested in joining the main event, check it out here.

Introduction to TAPA

V. C. Bird International Airport (IATA: ANU, ICAO: TAPA) is an international airport located on the island of Antigua, 8 km (5.0 mi) northeast of St. John’s, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda.

The airport originally was operated by the United States Army Air Forces.Upon the closure of the base in 1949 it became a civil airport. It was known as Coolidge International Airport until 1985, when it was named in honor of Sir Vere Cornwall Bird (1910–1999), the first prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

In December 2005, the Antigua and Barbuda Millennium Airport Corporation announced it would invite tenders to construct the first phase of a new passenger terminal designed to serve the airport for 30 years. In 2012, they announced the construction of its second terminal.

The new terminal became operational on August 26, 2015. All flights operate from the new facility. The terminal covers 23,000 square meters (247,570 square feet), with four jet bridges, modern security screening facilities, up-to-date passenger processing and monitoring facilities, and a CCTV security system. It contains 46 check in counters, 15 self-check in kiosks, 5 baggage carousels, mini food court, multiple VIP lounges, bank, retail stores, first class lounges, restaurants, and other Facilities. Other improvements included a newly constructed car park; parallel to the old terminal, along with other airport offices.

V. C. Bird International Airport - Wikipedia

The Event

On November 25, 2017 @ 11:00AM AST, the airport will begin operations. Our goal is to attempt to fill the airport with as many planes as possible!

  • If you are interested in being an Passenger Airline, you can select an airline that services that airport. You must also choose a plane that services that airport and use the real life destination given aka Gate 08 Delta 757-200 TAPA-KATL.
  • If you are interested in being a Cargo Airline, once again select an airline that services that airport. The destination should also be the same as real life as well.
  • If you are interested in General Aviation, there are minimal restrictions, as long as you don’t utilize wide bodies or any other commercial viable aircraft.

We will also need ATC coverage so you may sign up for that down below as well:


British Airlines, Thomas Cook, United Airlines, Air Canada, American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Delta Airlines, and JetBlue Airlines.

Commercial Airlines

Cargo 01 Caribbean Airlines 737-800 TAPA-MKJP: @MarkusNOR17
Cargo 02 Caribbean Airlines 737-800 TAPA-TTPP: @Alfonso22
Cargo 03 American 737-800 TAPA-KMIA: @CCoes
Gate 04 JetBlue A320 TAPA-KJFK: @The_Geniusman
Gate 05 British Airways 777-200 TAPA-EGKK: @Sam_rahman
Gate 06 Thomas Cook 767-300 TAPA-EGCC: Captainshayan
Gate 07 Air Canada A319-200 TAPA- CYYZ: @SVEN_MORLEY
Gate 08 Delta 737-800 TAPA-KATL:
Gate 09 United 737-800 TAPA-KEWR: @Dillion_Birdnecklace
More spots will be added if necessary!

Cargo Airlines

Cargo 04 FedEx C208 TAPA-TJSJ:
Cargo 05 DHL 757-200 TAPA-TNCM
More spots will be added if necessary!

General Aviation

GA 01 Cessna Citation X TAPA-TNCM: @Balloonchaser
GA 02
GA 03:
GA 04:


HANGER 01 C-130J:
HANGER 02 C-130J:


V C Bird INTL Ground 121.9: @Gollemitt
V C Bird INTL Tower 118.2: @Gollemitt
V C Bird INTL Approach 119.1:

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to post them down below! Also, if you need any help with creating your flight plan or fuel load, please ask in the comments! And Make sure to check out our main event here!


I’ll take Gate 08, Delta 757-200, to ATL


Welcome @ClarenceTheAvgeek see you there!

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Cargo 04 FedEx C208 TAPA-TJSJ Please

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@MEJRC, you have already signed up for a spot as apart of the main event! This page is for people who do not currently have a spot in the event! Do you want to join this one in a c208, or stay on the main in an avianca A320

Fantastic looking event! Unfortunately I can’t attend due to it being at 11:00pm where I am…

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Sorry to hear that! Hope to see you sometime soon!

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If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact me!

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Attention Everyone

I am interested in how many of you have Infinite passengers as I am planning on adding a new feature to this event! Please respond in the pole below!

  • YES
  • NO

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This event is now NEXT WEEK November 18, rather than the 25! Sorry for any inconveniences that may cause. please contact me if you want to cancel your spot!

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Just out of curiosity, what’s the difference between this thread and your other one?


This event is for people who don’t have a Airline gate already and want to be apart of the Airport MAX out series. The other thread is at an airport where all of the gates have filled up. Since that airport is very small, there was no more room to expand our event. So we made a new thread at a another airport close to TNCM (Our first event) as a continuation of the event.

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I’m still slightly confused because they both say TNCM and both start at different times…

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TNCM is the main event/ the title ( I can change that if you want). TAPA starts 30 min earlier so that anyone flying to TNCM can get there and land while the airport is crowded. It is also to relieve the stress of handling two events at different airports.

Less than 1 WEEK till the event starts! Get your slots reserved asap!

It turns out I can attend- put me down for a Coast guard C130 please

Ok! I will put you down in the main event! Follow the link here

If you are interested, sign up for a airline gate before they fill up!

We have reverted back to November 25 as the event date!

If anyone is interested in being ATC, please contact me!