[Finished] Airport MAX Out Pre-Show @ TNCM - 241400ZNOV17

NOTAM for the event

  • Cruising is 2000 feet
  • Cruising Speed is 161 KTS
  • Please keep a 10 NM spacing between you and the plane in front of you
  • If you should crash and would like to rejoin us, please spawn in our next stop and wait till everyone lands
  • I will divert from the flight plan, so follow me
  • Please wait for me to announce taxi before announcing taxi, as I will be leading the event!
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I recommend joining the server in the next 5-7 minutes!

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@Cbro4 the event is on expert server!

We have just moved to TS1 due to the fact that no one has spawned in! If you are planning on joining us mid flight, join us there!



  • Please report to the Pre-Show event ASAP!

Thanks guys for coming to the Pre-Show. I hope you all enjoyed it. See you tomorrow!

Make sure to post your best screenshots of the event!

Here are some screenshots I got.

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I’m so sorry I didn’t come. Slept in and felt embarrassed lol.

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Your fine! Be sure to join our other events and vote in the pole!

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