[Finished] Airport MAX Out @ KHOU - 061530ZJAN18

Airport MAX Out Houston Hobby
Server: Expert

Airport: KHOU

Time: 1530Z

Hello Again!
Airport MAX Out has been off the air for a couple of weeks now, but as winter break is just around the corner, I thought I would get our very first 2018 event started! Last year, I took a poll on which airport you guys wanted to see my MAX Out next. We had over 150 votes, and came to an astonishing vote of 21% for VHHH. However a couple of weeks ago, a fellow community member made a fill the airport event at VHHH, so I will be skipping the first place airport. Don’t worry, we will be returning to that airport some time in February! Instead, we will be flying out of KHOU, our second place airport! I hope to see all of you at this event and enjoy 2018 in Infinite Flight!

Airport Information

William P. Hobby Airport (IATA: HOU, ICAO: KHOU, FAA LID: HOU) is an international airport in Houston, Texas, 7 miles (11 km) from downtown Houston. Hobby is Houston’s oldest commercial airport and was its primary commercial airport until Houston Intercontinental Airport, now George Bush Intercontinental Airport, opened in 1969. After the opening of Intercontinental, Hobby was closed for several years before it became apparent it needed to be reopened. It became a secondary airport for domestic airline service as well as a regional center for corporate and private aviation.

Houston Hobby is a major focus city airport for Southwest Airlines which operates international as well as domestic flights from HOU. Hobby was the seventh-largest airport in Southwest’s network as of 2015. Hobby is classified as a medium-sized airport, and is currently the third-largest of this airport classification in terms of passengers (behind only St. Louis and Nashville in that order). Southwest opened its first international terminal at Hobby and began service from Hobby to Mexico and Central and South America on October 15, 2015.

The airport covers 1,304 acres (528 ha) and has four runways. Its original art deco terminal building, which was the first passenger airline terminal in Houston, now houses the 1940 Air Terminal Museum.

Source: Wikipedia

About The Event

At our last event, we had one whole airport MAXED Out! However, it was run on Ts1 and the event fell apart! This time, we will be having the event on Expert to try and fix everything that went wrong at our last one!

On January 6th, 2018, everyone will spawn in 10 to 15 minutes early to prep their flight plans and fuel and payload. After I have requested push back, everyone else may do the same. Please then taxi realistically to the runway and fly to your assigned destinations! We will be implementing the Clearance Delivery system again for those of you who want to take your flight to the next level!

  • If you are interested in being an Passenger Airline, you can select an airline that services that airport. You must also choose a plane that services that airport and use the real life destination given aka Gate 32 Delta 737-800 KHOU-KATL.
  • If you are interested in being a Cargo Airline, once again select an airline and route that services that airport. Since Infinite flight does not include Southwest cargo, just use any southwest plane!
  • If you are interested in General Aviation, there are minimal restrictions, as long as you don’t utilize wide bodies or any other commercial viable aircraft. (A318 and 737-700 BBJ are OK).


At KHOU, there are 4 Commercial Airlines: American Eagle, Delta, Jet blue, and Southwest

At KHOU there are 2 Cargo Airlines: AirNet Express and Southwest Cargo

Available Spots

Commercial Airlines

Gate 01 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-MMPR: @JRRaviation
Gate 02 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-MMMX:
Gate 03 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KSAN: @SF34
Gate 04 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-MMSD:
Gate 05 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KSAT: @Alex_McLean
Gate 20 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KDEN: @Wattsup_jet
Gate 21 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KSNA: @PocketAviation
Gate 22 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KMDW: @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF
Gate 23 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KOAK: @Chase_Copeland
Gate 24 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KSTL: @Jake_Hiland
Gate 25 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KPHX:
Gate 26 JetBlue A320 KHOU-KBOS: @The_Porsche_Kid
Gate 27 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KBNA:
Gate 28 JetBlue A320 KHOU-KJFK: @United-Express
Gate 29 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KFLL: @Rajdipta_De
Gate 30 American E175 KHOU-KDFW: @xSev
Gate 31 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KBWI: @AllegiantAir
Gate 32 Delta 717-200 KHOU-KATL: @Abbasbeloved
Gate 40 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KDAL: @Matt737
Gate 41 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KLAX: @J2S
Gate 42 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KOKC: @DylanIE
Gate 43 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KOMA:
Gate 44 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KLAX: @Cbro4
Gate 45 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-MMUN: @Javian_J
Gate 46 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KCHS:
Gate 47 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KELP: @Ameru187
Gate 48 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KCRP:
Gate 49 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KHRL:
Gate 50 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KMCO: @Michael_McMurray
Gate 51 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KLAS: @Intelflight
Remote Stand 01 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-MKJS:
Remote Stand 02 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-MZBZ:
Remote Stand 03 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KMSY:
Remote Stand 04 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KABQ:
Remote Stand 05 Southwest (700-800) KHOU-KBHM:
(More will be added if necessary)

Cargo Airlines

FBO Apron 01 Southwest Cargo 737-800 KHOU-KHRL: @Jshnlsn
FBO Apron 02 AirNet Express C208 KHOU-KLCK:
(More will be added if necessary)

General Aviation

(Please use a GA Call sign)
GA Ramp 01: @Trio
GA Ramp 02:
GA Ramp 03:
FBO Million Air 01: @A_Plane_Guy
FBO Million Air 02:
FBO Million Air 03:
FBO Wilson Air Center 01:
FBO Wilson Air Center 02:
FBO Wilson Air Center 03:
(More will be added if necessary)


KHOU Ground:
KHOU Tower:
KHOU Departure:
KHOU Approach:


JAL Promo
Japan Airlines Virtrual is one of the finest VA’s airlines out there with a high quality website and a fleet that meets everyones standards! Check them out HERE if interested in joining!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to post them down below! Also, if you need any help with creating your flight plan or fuel load, please ask in the comments!


I definitely know @JRRaviation would want to be there. Maybe even all Houston spotters would want to be there. I might come. I will let you know if I can make it.


I would love to go but I start school again on the 4th… Sorry.


Enjoy break. The 6th is a Saturday, so let me know if you can make it! Otherwise I will hopefully see you at our next event!

In that case… But why at 15:30? That’s like 9:30AM on a saturday…but you can expect me there.

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Ok great what gate and route do you want @JRRaviation?

I’ll take the Southwest flight to KSAN, thanks!

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Great! Glad to have you!

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I’ll take gate 01 to MMPR


I will put you dow! Welcome!

Delta also operates the a319 here on rare occasions. Just a heads up to y’all.

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But…but…I got gate 1! 😂

Rip😂. I tried to find the most accurate gates and KDAL was not there! Sorry

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Sign me up for Gate 22 to KMDW in a Southwest 737-700.

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Welcome see you at gate 22

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Dang, I’ll be out of the country. I’d love to go, seems like a great event.

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Sorry you could not make it! Hope I will see you at the next event.


I’ll take gate 30, thx


Great, See you there @xSev at gate 30!

Gate 42 to Okc please!

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