(FINISHED) Air India Virtual One Year Anniversary Fly-In @ VIDP - 151600ZDEC19

May I please have KEWR T3 B15, callsign UVAL109. Thank you!

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Can I switch my gate to T3 C34 gate from Heathrow in the 789? My callsign is BAVA330. Thank you!

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Ill take T3 B15 please KEWR. UVAL115


Hi @Eugene_Leybovich,

Unfortunately, that gate is already taken by another member of your VA. However, you have been assigned T3 Gate A01. We hope this is okay for you. If not, please do let us know and we can try to sort something out.

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@Saaz_Bhatia, @DhruvChopra, @SSGTRocky @ButterAllDay

You have been added to the list. Thank you for partaking in the event. See you then!


No worries at all. Thanks! See you there.

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Great. See you there!

T2 Gate 47
A321 - Air India 18

Question: Does the terminal and gate assigned there refer to the destination airport (VIDP)?

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I will take T2 gate 46 if it’s not a problem !!


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I’ll take T3 Gate A03 from KEWR with the callsign UVAL210 please!!!

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Yes those gates are the destination gates, you’ll be parked there once you land.


Hi @Goz this is a fly-in event. The airport you land at will be VIDP.

We can give you VCBI-VIDP (T3 Gate A07). Just need a thumbs up from you to assign you the gate.

Many Thanks

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Thank you, I didn’t understand very well what the event consist of. T3 gate A07 will be perfect.

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@Goz , @m_de41 and @WesleyHenrich there you go lads, gates have been signed to you !


There are still many gates available to choose from Slot C. Why not try a route you’ve never done before? India is very scenic, we promise ;)

Funny how no one from TGV has joined yet. I’m flying in from VTBS with a B787-8. Could somebody give me a gate at T3? Callsign TGV1007 Heavy. I’ll ask my VA if anybody wants to do group flights.

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Thank you for signing up @Loogie125. You have been assigned T3 Gate C28. See you at the event!

Requesting the following:

Terminal: 3
Gate: A07
Callsign: UVAL211
Departure: KEWR
Arrival: VIDP

Hi @Captain_Batten,

You have been allocated to your requested gate. Thank you for participating. See you at the event!

Now with IFATC coverage!

We are happy to announce that IFATC will be present for the fly-in event. This means that the VIDP airspace will be under IFATC control. Ghosting will be enforced and Air India Virtual bears no responsibility in the event of you being ghosted and are requested to contact the controller.

Although we have taken measures to reduce significant traffic, over 90 pilots are currently expected to join, this will be a busy event so you are expected to pack extra fuel.

If someone else has taken your gate, please wait for them to exit from the sim and please do not park at another gate as it may be reserved by another pilot.

There are still plenty of gates to choose, both regional and international flights. So there is something for both types of parties.

This is shaping up to be a fun-packed event and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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