(FINISHED) Air India Virtual One Year Anniversary Fly-In @ VIDP - 151600ZDEC19

Air India Virtual is turning one year old!

As one of the most ambitious VAs in Infinite Flight Community, we are proud to beat the drums for our Fly In on the 15th of December in context to celebrate our first ever Anniversary. NAMASTE

1 year seems like a long time but it went at a supersonic pace. With over 60 pilots each having a fair share of their own, we have almost hit about 15,000hrs and more than 500,000 KM in about 12 months.

A message from our CEO:

It’s hard to say that we are already closing in our first anniversary celebrations. It felt like it was just days back that @Prasoon_S had started this airline. As a result of his initiation at that time, this where we stand out today, the largest virtual airline serving out of India. Initially when we planned on launching this virtual airline we really doubted whether we would stand even for a few days in this competition but nevertheless to say we have come a long way from it. Just months back we also joined Star Alliance Virtual which has immensely helped us in diversifying our routes. I couldn’t have asked more than this, it’s not possible for us to be the number one virtual airline on the IFC but we can definitely work towards it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people who contributed throughout their stay in the VA @Cloudrush, @Rohan625, one of the founding members, @Alan_S, the current COO. And my whole past and present management and staff team for their impeccable service.

To celebrate this amazing accomplishment, we are hosting a _fly-in event_ at our hub, Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Event info


Server: Expert Server


We hope that you will be able to join this once in a life-time event and share this amazing journey with us.

Slot A - 1600z-1700z

British Airways
Departure Airport: EGLL
Aircraft: 789, 772ER

Gates Callsign username
T3 Gate C34 BAVA330 @ButterAllDay
T3 Gate C32 BAVA455 @Lebron_King
T3 Gate C30 Reserved
T3 Gate C28 Reserved
T3 Gate C31 Reserved
T3 Gate C29 Reserved
T3 Gate C27 Reserved
T3 Gate D37 Reserved
T3 Gate D39 Reserved
T3 Gate R07 Reserved

Departure Airport: EDDF
Aircraft: A380

Gates Callsign username
T3 Gate B21 Reserved
T3 Gate B19 Reserved
T3 Gate B17 Reserved
T3 Gate B15 Reserved
T3 Gate A01 Reserved
T3 Gate A03 Reserved
T3 Gate A07 Reserved
T3 Gate A09 Reserved
T3 Gate A11 Reserved
T3 Gate A13 Reserved

Garuda Indonesia
Departure Airport: WIII
Aircraft: A333

Gate Callsign username
T2 Gate 41 GAVA001 @Ozzy
T2 Gate 42 GAVA002 @Matt777
T2 Gate 43 GAVA003 @Helmethead
T2 Gate 44 GAVA007 @Emiel_l
T2 Gate 45 Reserved
T2 Gate 46 Reserved
T2 Gate 47 Reserved
T2 Gate 48 Reserved

South African
Departure Airport: FAOR
Aircraft: A333, A346

Gates Callsign username
T3 Gate A08 Reserved
T3 Gate A10 Reserved
T3 Gate A12 Reserved
T3 Gate A14 Reserved
T3 Gate R01 Reserved

Air China
Departure Airport: ZBAD
Aircraft: 789, A333

Gates Callsign username
Ramp 92 Reserved
Ramp 91 Reserved
Reserved Reserved
Ramp 90 Reserved
Ramp 89 Reserved
Ramp 88 Reserved

Departure Airport: OMDB
Aircraft: MD-11, 77F

Gates Callsign username
98 Reserved
99 Reserved
100 N150FD @James_Digby
101 Reserved
102 Reserved
103 Reserved
104 Reserved
Slot B - 1700z-1800z

Departure Airport: EHAM
Aircraft: 77W

Gates Callsign username
T3 Gate C34 AFKLM999 @Manav_Suri
T3 Gate C32 Reserved
T3 Gate C30 Reserved
T3 Gate C28 Reserved
T3 Gate C31 Reserved
T3 Gate C29 Reserved
T3 Gate C27 Reserved
T3 Gate D37 Reserved
T3 Gate D39 Reserved
T3 Gate R07 Reserved

Air India
Departure Airport: VABB
Aircraft: 788

Gate Callsign username
T2 Gate 41 AIVA030 Mayur Patel
T2 Gate 42 AIVA029 Aashish
T2 Gate 43 AIVA007 Siddhant Nayak
T2 Gate 44 AIVA001 Indraniel
T2 Gate 45 AIVA009 Krish Shaw
T2 Gate 46 AIVA002 Rohan Sharma
T2 Gate 47 AIVA075 Prashant Thakur
T2 Gate 48 AIVA021 Akshay2777
T3 Gate A08 AIVA070 Soham Sarkar
T3 Gate A10 AIVA003 Alan Shaji
T3 Gate A12 AIVA021 Akshay2777
T3 Gate A14 AIVA034 Harish Kumar
T3 Gate R01 AVA022 Kintul Shah
Ramp 92
Ramp 91
Ramp 90
Ramp 89

Departure Airport: KEWR
Aircraft: 772ER

Gates Callsign username
T3 Gate B21 UVAL070 @Blake_Stephens
T3 Gate B19 UVAL092 @A350iscool
T3 Gate B17 UVAL004 @harmyd
T3 Gate B15 UVAL109 @SSGTRocky
T3 Gate A01 UVAL115 @Eugene_Leybovich
T3 Gate A03 UVAL210 @m_de41
T3 Gate A07 UVAL211 @Captain_Batten
T3 Gate A09 Reserved
T3 Gate A11 Reserved
T3 Gate A13 Reserved

Slot C - 1800z-1830z (IFC Participants)

Domestic Routes:

Departure Airport Departure Time Gate Aircraft Flight time Callsign Username
Banglore(VOBL) 1600 zulu T2 Gate 41 A321 2:20
Banglore(VOBL) 1600 zulu T2 Gate 42 A321 2:20
Mumbai(VABB) 1630 zulu T2 Gate 43 A321 1:30
Mumbai(VABB) 1630 zulu T2 gate 44 B77L 1:30 Air India 1807 @Saaz_Bhatia
Mumbai(VABB) 1600 zulu T2 gate 45 A321 1:30
Goa(VOGO) 1600 zulu T2 Gate 46 A321 2:20
Ahmedabad(VAAH) 1710 zulu T2 Gate 47 A321 1:10 Air India 018 @WesleyHenrich
Hyderabad(VOHS) 1540 zulu T2 gate 48 A321 2:00
Hyderabad(VOHS) 1540 zulu T2 Gate 49 B77L 2:00
Chennai(VOMM) 1600 zulu Ramp 92 A321 2:40
Chennai(VOMM) 1600 zulu Ramp 91 B788 2:40
Cochin(VOCI) 1530 zulu Ramp 90 B788 2:40
Trivandrum(VOTV) 1530 zulu Ramp 89 A321 3:00
Kolkata(VECC) 1620 zulu Ramp 88 B788 2:20

International Routes:

Departure Airport Departure Time Gate Flight time Aircraft Callsign Username
Dubai(OMDB) 1540 zulu T3 Gate C34 2:40 B788
Dubai(OMDB) 1540 zulu T3 gate C32 2:40 B788
Kathmandu(VNKT) 1720 zulu T3 gate E84 1:10 A321
Kathmandu(VNKT) 1720 zulu T3 Gate E82 1:10 A321
Kathmandu(VNKT) 1720 zulu T3 Gate E80 1:10 A321
Paris(LFPG) 1000 zulu T3 Gate C30 8:30 B788
Bangkok(VTBS) 1415 zulu T3 Gate C28 4:00 B788 TGV1007 @Loogie125
London(EGLL) 1030 zulu T3 Gate 31 7:30 B788
London(EGLL) 1030 zulu T3 gate 29 7:30 B788
Frankfurt(EDDF) 1030 zulu T3 Gate 27 7:30 B788
Stockholm(ESSA) 1030 zulu T3 Gate 37 7:30 B788 AI168 @SwedishFlyer
New York(KJFK) 0400 zulu T3 Gate 39 14:00 B77l AIVA077 @Parshava
New York(KJFK) 0400 zulu T3 Gate R07 14:00 B77l Air India 102 @BadPlane
San Francisco(KSFO) 0200 zulu T3 Gate R08 16:00 B77l TBD @GlobalFlyer1
San Francisco(KSFO) 0200 zulu T3 Gate B26 1600 B77L TBD @anon39682098
Chicago(KORD) 0500 zulu T3 Gate B24 13:00 B77L
Tokyo(RJAA) 0900 zulu T3 Gate B22 9:30 B788
Hong-kong(VHHH) 1300 zulu T3 Gate B20L 5:30 B788
Singapore(WSSS) 1300 zulu T3 Gate B21 5:30 B788 Air India 380 @Captain_JR
Jeddah(OEJN) 1310 zulu T3 Gate B19 5:00 B788
Sydney(YSSY) 0600 zulu T3 Gate B17 12:20 B788
Melbourne(YMML) 0620 zulu T3 Gate B15 12:30 B788
Madrid(LEMD) 1000 zulu T3 Gate A01 8:30 B788
Toronto(CYYZ) 1130 zulu T3 Gate A03 7:00 B788
Colombo(VCBI) 1430 zulu T3 Gate A07 3:20 A321 AIC203 @Goz

How to sign up?

Please leave the Route, Gate and Callsign you would like so that we can allocate you as soon as possible.


Server : Expert Server

Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi) has a bunch of airlines coming in for this event. With the able assistance of our important partners and other airlines, we are able to run this event at our International Hub.

VIDP Charts: http://bit.ly/vidpcharts

All IFC members please leave the Route, Gate and Callsign, so that we can allocate you as soon as possible.

Please follow IFATC instructions as IFATC have agreed to provide coverage for this event. In case of absence of IFATC, please ensure proper use of UNICOM.

This event is a very special event for all of us at Air India Virtual and we would love for you to join us during this important anniversary event and make this a special one. Most importantly, make sure you enjoy this event!



Event Thread Design : @Alan_S and @Krsh7
Graphics : @Soham_Sarkar
Wording: : @Krsh7 and @Alan_S

Event Planning and Organisers: @Prashant_Divedi , @Krsh7 , @indraniel , @Rohan625 and @Alan_S

With special thanks to all Staff Members and Pilots at AIVA for their continued contribution to our Virtual Airline.

We give thanks to @BritishAirwaysVA, @LuftyVirtual, @GarudaVirtualGroup, @Owain_G (South African Virtual) , @Ray_Wang (Air China Virtual), @anon63583419, @AF-KLM_VA and @UnitedVirtual for their participation in this event.



Great event and happy 1st Anniversary! I will find a route later as I need to look at the BAVA route database.

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I’ll take a gate coming from San Francisco! Thanks!

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Could I take the other gate from San Francisco? Thank you!

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I’ll take T3 gate B21 on the behalf of UVAL!!! UVAL070 coming from KEWR!!!

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T3 Gate B19 please! UVAL092 from KEWR

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I’ll take T3 B17. Callsign: UVAL004. Destination: TBD.

Please reply with your callsign so we can assign you your gate.

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Sure, but if you are representing BAVA we will need your callsign only then we can assign a gate.

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I do not plan my callsigns ahead of time, as I’m not quite sure, so I do not know at this moment.

All of you have been signed up @A350iscool @Blake_Stephens @harmyd.


@GlobalFlyer1 @ButterAllDay you’ve both been added to the list but please make sure to give us your callsigns closer to the date of the event. Thank you.

Hi, I would like this Gate, with the requested callsign below, Thanks 😊

Callsign : Air India 380 Heavy

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@Captain_JR there you go :)


I would like to have this gate. Thank you!

Airline|Aircraft: KLM B789
Callsign: AFKLM 999

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@Manav_Suri gate has been assigned to you.

I’ll take a gate! VIDP TO VABB
Call sign: Air India 1807 heavy

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@Saaz_Bhatia it’s a fly in to Delhi Airport.

Then VABB to VIDP :)

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I am requesting a gate for GAVA T2 Gate 41
Call Sign GAVA006

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