(FINISHED) Air Force One Flight

I wanted to do a very cool thing, a Air Force One flight with 1 or more fighter jets escorting me
It will be a short flight, Joing Base Andrews to New York JFK and i will fly at 5 PM Zulu.
If you would like to escort me, please reply. My callsign will be Air Force 1

Time: 6th November, 5 PM Zulu time.
Flight from KADW to KJFK
Escort aircraft: F-22

Fly out of Andrews Air Force base, that is where they are stationed ;)


Oh, right, i will be taking off from there then. Thanks

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When will this happen?

What is the airports four letters

The ICAO code is KADW.

I just took Air Force One from Brize Norton to Brussels in the UK. Snapped this beauty prior to departure.


That’s a bit awkwardly frased. Do you mean Brize Norton in the UK to Brussels?
Anyways, that picture is incredible. I saw it on the Global logbook topic and wondered where it was taken. I’m assuming Brize Norton.


He is from the UK. And it isn’t grammar, Brussels isn’t in the UK and that has nothing to do with grammar.

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Ok my bad for misunderstanding:)

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Tomorrow (6th November) 5 PM Zulu

If anyone wants to do this right now let me know.

So tomorrow at 17:00Z?

Sure i’ll do it, where are you and do u want to be the escort or AF1?

Yes, it will be 17:00Z

I am at KSAN Gate 40. We can fly to KLAX? I will be AF1.

Ok, joining. Yeah, lets fly to KLAX

It’s just badly worded. No reason to point it out, I understood it fine. Although it might be where Schyllberg learned his geography :P

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I am on TS1 by the way.

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