[FINISHED] Air Berlin's last flight @ EDDM - 271935ZOCT17

Server: Training server 1 [GLOBAL]

Region: Germany

Airport: EDDM

Time: 19:35Z, October 27th

NOTAM: Only air berlin aircraft accepted. Please spawn at least 20 minutes before departure. Please follow ATC commands.

As Air Berlin is going out of business, i came up with idea of redoing the last flight here, in infinite flight. We will be redoing the AB6210 from Munich airport (EDDM) to Berlin Tegel arport (EDDT). The departure is scheduled to 19:35 zulu, and the arrival to Berlin Tegel airport is supposed to be about 20:45 zulu. Flight plan will come 1-2 hours before the event starts.


Cruise altitude: FL330 / 33000 ft



Just copy the flight plan and then paste into search tab in map mode. The route will automatically appear on your map.

Please note that you should be able to navigate to the approach if there is no ATC


Terminal 1 Gate 101: @RobGame45 A319//Air berlin 1009
Terminal 1 Gate 102: @bawariawien A319//Air Berlin 1004
Terminal 1 Gate 103: @JoelJ A319//Air Berlin 39
Terminal 1 Gate 104: @ouzi A319//Air Berlin 729
Terminal 1 Gate 105: @Rajdipta_De ----//Air Berlin 180
Terminal 1 stand 141 @Samuel123abc A319//Air Berlin 6204
Don’t want to fly? We also got ATC spots for both Munich and Berlin Tegel.

If there is more than 10 pilots attending at the event, then you can go then you can go with ground or tower. If there is less than 10 people attending at the event, you can go both tower and ground.

If there is more than 10 pilots attending at the event, then you can go with tower or ground. If there is less than 10 people or approach, you can go with both tower and ground.

In case some of the ATCs who signed up say they can’t attend at the event when it’s too late, the extra ATC comes in.
Extra ATC:
Thanks for reading!

I would like to be EDDT ground please

Ok, first, can you tell me how much operations you have.
It is situated in right top corner in ATC category.

I have 40 operations

I want a gate! I will be there in an A319 and my callsign will be Air Berlin 38.

Ok, as you wish. Unfortunately, gates will come a bit later, but when they will, i’ll tell you.

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I am a former IFATC, I have 3,878 operations.

I can take any ground/tower position!

Ok, and why former IFATC?

I can do EDDM ground/tower if it’s still open. I have 301 operations.

I’ll take a gate, but just incase, I have a dinner party on that night, it should be done by then and if not I should be able to come.

Could you possibly move it to Saturday, or back a couple of hours?

Hello, no sorry. The point of it is to replicate the real flight with departing on-time or close to on-time.

Is the flight today or tomorrow?

Flight is on 27th of october.

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I think I’ll be able to do ATC at that time 👍

The problem is that we have more ATC requests than gate requests.

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I would like to have a gate. I will be there with an a319 and my callsign will be Air Berlin 1004.

Ok, chose any free gate.

The Terminal 1 Gate 102 please

I can take gate 101. My callsign be Air Berlin 1009 and I Will be in a A319.