[Finished] AeroSync Performance at IFEAA Air Show | @ KOSH - 292300ZJUL17

Hey all,
I have the authority and honor to post the event of the 3rd day of the IFEAA event by @NetJets_Nick and team, who do an outstanding job organizing the next level of events.
On this saturday, AeroSync will perform with its Team Raptor ( highest ranked team in AeroSync ) an airshow of approximately 30 minutes for interested spectators to see. We advise you to stay on the ground - you can of course taxi to get the best view possible. The marker runway is 18 and 36 for your reference.
As usual for Team Raptor, we perform with a 4 ship formation team and a 2 ship solo team, filling the gaps when the formation team is turning. We trained our actual performance for 3 months, so be excited for the outcome. Delta Loops, Criss Cross, Harrier passes, everything will be performed for your viewing pleasure !

Your information required :

Server: CASUAL
Airport: KOSH ( AeroSync uses KATW as base, dont switch to KATW since we will be inbound as soon as the final briefing on the ground has been done )
Time: 2300Z

NOTAM: AeroSync members take the freedom and report users who purpousely interfere the airshow, stay calm and enjoy the show :)

Your link references :

We are the next level - we are AeroSync.

by ovsp and @NetJets_Nick

Performing pilots :
Raptor 1 : @taynison_girigorie
Raptor 2 : @BrunoHeinsAAT
Raptor 3 : @DeltaMD88Fan
Raptor 4 : @Nate_Schneller

Raptor 5 : @Overspeed
Raptor 6 : @Captain_A

Subs :
Raptor 7 : @Matteo
Raptor 8 : @Alec_Vincent_Morea


make sure not to report accidental bystanders just flying into oshkosh without realising this event is on

We dont do that and never have done that. We know the struggle of being ghosted and avoid it by any means possible.


I’ll be there to watch this, looks amazing from the practices so far.


also i’ll definitely be there


It’s in 13 hours right?

@Aussie_Wombat the event starts tomorrow at 2300Z :)


Oh, so another three days

Lol, I read the title wrong :P

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Guys the event is tomorrow, July 29, 2017. At 2300 Zulu time.


I’ll be coming to watch!

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You may wanna edit - it is tomorrow at 2300Z

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Oh no! I think I missed it!

Wait NVM it’s tommorow lol.

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Is the event still on?

Starts in half an hour

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The event is at 2300z

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Briefing, we start in 25


There will be a 6 minute video of the airshow once I get approval from one of the leaders of the group.

Hey! It’s me lol. Good picture btw.