[FINISHED] AeroSync Canberra-airshow @ YSCB - 111700ZFEB17 [AAT]

Hello to all airshow interested pilots,
On Februar 11th, we will hold our first very own airshow. To fill out the program however, we need you! Bring your A318 and show us a vertical takeoff, take out your spitfire for a solo dislay or display flight of 2 or show us a fly-by with the 747 SCA. We are open for almost every kind of act! Key is that it is well prepared and that it will be flown in a timeframe between 3 and 10 minutes. The more exclusive, the better!
You will be featured in a video that will be uploaded to our YouTube channel :)

Vital information for you:
Server : Casual
Region : Sydney
Airport : YSCB - Canberra
Time : 1700Z
Date : February 11th

Up to 15 acts can be filled by people from the community, which will be listed here :

  1. Team Hawk - Opening
  2. @Fynn : C130 display
  3. @Jet_Airways_995 : F22 display
  4. @A320fan : A320 display
  5. @AdamCallow : solo act
  6. Team Raptor - Main act
  7. @A320fan F18 display
  8. @Kizzyjet : A380 display
  9. @Rodney_Buckland + Cobra Flight team
  10. @Aviaperevozchik : A319 display
  11. Team Viper - Canberra closing act

To get a display position, comment down below or PM me. Further information will be given later. This event will be managed by AAT staff with big experience with professional airshows.

Hoping to see you perform in Canberra,
@Overspeed and the team of AAT

Check us out here :

AeroSync, the one and only display team in the Infinite Flight Community.
Team Viper in the briefing for new maneuvers for the airshow.


Low inverted low speed pass??? In 767

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keep things realistic. Havent seen a 767 inverted ;)

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Me neither but imagination is very cool and sad

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haha yeah.
So do you want to sign up for a spot ?

Let me think some great ideas like the last one hahaha

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I’ll take the 2nd and 15th act in an a320 (2) and then an f18 (15)

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allright. Will be noted down

I’ll contact IF cobras to see if they want to come


May or may not be here. I gotta talk with my team.

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There are still spots open! Other VA fly bys are also welcomed!

Ah, so THIS is where the airshow details are. Hope to see more pilots attending this soon!


Little bump for this topic, we are still looking for pilots who want to participate with their team-mate or alone for some awesome acts! Register now, we are very happy to have you guys featured in the show :)

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the Cobras flight team will be there with at least three F-16s. looking forward to it


Can I come to just watch the airshow?

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I might feature this event in my next video!


Of course, viewers are welcome !

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Approximately what time the 12 position would be? Because the show starts at 4am.

an hour later/ 1.5 hours later
@Aussie_Wombat :)