[Finished] Aeroflot Virtual Recruitment flight! @ UUEE - 140300ZDEC17

Please note that participating in this event does not obligate you to join Aeroflot Virtual.

Server: Training

Region: 🤔

Airport: UUEE-YPPH

Time: 0300Z

NOTAM: Anyone can join in for fun, even if you don’t wish to join our VA!

You may choose any altitude you are comfortable at, as long as it is safe (will make it over tall mountain ranges)

We will take off from Moscow Sheremetyvo International Airport (UUEE) and head southeast. If you are in the Aeroflot 777-300ER, you should be able to make it to Perth (YYPH) as long as weather conditions are normal. Anyone in the MD11F or A330-300 will land in New Delhi (VIDP) for refuelling.

Aircraft Options
Aeroflot Cargo MD11F
Aeroflot A330-300
Aeroflot B777-300ER

Comment below if you want a gate
B-31: @Northwest 777-300ER
B-32: @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF 777-300ER
B-33: @Peter_Papadum 777-300ER
I can open more gates as necessary

If you wish to join us or acquire more information, please either email us at aeroflotvirtual.if@gmail.com, or visit our website at aeroflot-va-if.weebly.com

About Aeroflot Virtual

Several months ago, Aeroflot Virtual was started with the goal of bringing the first Russian VA to Infinite Flight and to give our members a fun experience. Our grading system is more lenient than other Virtual Airlines, as the flight times required to move up in level are lower. With your help, we can achieve our goal!

Are we IFVARB certified?

For the 100th time, yes.

See you in Moscow!

aeroflot virtual logo
@Northwest - CEO of Aeroflot Virtual


Approximately how long would it take to complete the flight in a 77W?

Edit - Just did some estimates and it should take about 14hrs 45mins


Sounds about right- maybe a little longer

Would you like a gate?

If I can start like 30 minutes late then I can join, otherwise it will be difficult.

Please can anyone convert : 0300Z to IST ? ( Indian standard time ?)

That would be 8:30AM.

What day will this be on?


First two numbers stand for the date. [14th]

Where “0300Z” is stands for the time and timezone. [3:00AM Zulu Time]

Where “DEC” stands for the 3 digit abbreviation of the month. [December]

Last two numbers stand for the year. [2017]

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Okk cant come 20 characters

Ok, that should be ok

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Would you like a gate?

Can I have a gate pls?

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Yes, I’ll put you in right now

@Peter_Papadum and @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF , could you tell me the aircraft you’ll be using?
I’ll be using the 777 so I can make it w/out stopping

I’ll be using the 777 too

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Ok, sounds good, I’ll add that now

I’ll come in a 777 with enough fuel to make it non-stop.

Good choice, just hope more people join with other aircraft for some variety

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About to spawn in! See you there :)

Edit - Just spawned in, I don’t see anyone that is in the gates or anyone that departed yet on TS1 V2.