[Finished] Aegean Virtual Presents: LGIR Flyout @ LGIR - 161730ZSEP18

@APH71 You’ve been given Gate 11.

@Thomas_Purdy You’ve been given Gate 12.

@Marek As Gate 11 was already taken, you’ve got Gate 13.

@airbavaria As Gate 12 was already taken, you’ve got Gate 14.

See you all there! It’s gonna be a good one!

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Just One More Day Left!

One more day left until the big event! Still many gates available to sign up for a memorable fly out from one of Greece’s beautiful islands! Make sure not to miss this opportunity!

Get your Gate at Heraklion while you still can!

I would like to join

Any gate is fine.

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@flightsim12 You’ve been put down for Apron T04A, a wide-body gate.

What will be your destination? Zurich (LSZH) or Geneva (LSGG)?

LSGG is my destination.
Thank You.

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Several gates still left for this event! Don’t miss out!

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Can I get gate 15 please? I want to fly to LSZH in the A320. My callsign is AOVA119.

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could i have gate 15 bound to KORD? Callsign united 575 super in a boeing 777

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hi can i get a spot lufthansa to munich (lufthansa 4 72 a320)

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could I change to a different destination if that’s okay

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If so condor to eddf calsign:cfg 12

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Kestrel 12 is my calsign sorry


@Pascal2910 You’ve got Gate 15.

@anon87102400 Hi, unfortunately LGIR has no routes to KORD and also cannot handle 777s due to size restrictions. Would you like a different route?

@Albert_a01 You’ve got Apron T6.

@QFA_12 Affirmative, your route and callsign have been changed.

See you all there in just under two hours!

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Only One Hour to go!

Make sure to get your gate while you still can! Join AOVA for a flight around Greece or depart for the larger European airports. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Apron T1 Lufthansa a320 callsign lufthansa 545

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a TUI 757 to KJFK Apron L3 thanks

EDDF lufthansa 545 a320 Apron T1

I can’t come long so ill do ATC

@anon87102400 Sorry to say but ATC is already taken by @NationofAviation. You’ve been added at Apron 03A if you do decide to join as that suffices for wide-bodies.

@Noah_Ratuszny1 Apron T1 is yours

ok i can do departure