[Finished] Aegean Virtual Presents: LGIR Flyout @ LGIR - 161730ZSEP18

Aegean Virtual is excited to present…


Aegean Virtual Presents: Bringing the Tourists Back Home!

Heraklion Airport (LGIR) is a city situated in the southern Greek island of Crete, a very common touristic destination due to its amazing beaches, mountainous regions, taverns, and lovely Mediterranean climate. But now that summer has come to its end, it’s time to take the tourists back home. Join us on Sunday as we fly out to all sorts of European and Middle East destinations!

Event Details

Server: Training Server
Date & Time: September 16, 2018 5:30 PM
Flying Out From: LGIR
Heraklion International Airport


Aircraft to Airline

Aegean Airlines/Olympic Air - Dash 8 | A320 | A321

Austrian Airlines - A321

British Airways - A320 | A321

Brussels Airlines - A320

Condor - A321

Easyjet - A319 | A320

Eurowings - A319 | CRJ-900

Finnair - A321

Iberia - A320

Jet2 - 737-800

Lufthansa - A320 | A321

Luxair - Dash 8

Norwegian Air Shuttle - 737-800

RyanAir - 737-800

Swiss - A321

TAROM - A319

Thomas Cook - A321

Transavia - 737-800

TUI Airways - 737-700 | 737-800 | 757-200

Vueling - A320

Wizz Air - A321

Route Details

Please go to the wikipedia site and scroll down to Destinations and Airlines. As soon as you find a destination and airline please request below for a gate.

This Airport is a Class Charlie, meaning it has size restrictions.

Gate Details

Gate Assignments/Callsign/ATC

Gate | User | Destination | Callsign
Apron T1 | @Noah_Ratuszny1 | EDDF | Lufthansa 545
Apron T2
Apron T3
Apron T03A | @anon87102400 | KJFK | TUIxxx
Apron T04A | @flightsim12 | LSGG | Swiss 1736
Apron T6 | @Albert_a01 | EDDM | Lufthansa 472
Apron T7
Apron L1
Apron L2
Apron L3
Gate 1 | @Moonlit | LCLK | AOVA001
Gate 2 | @esant_15 | LIRF | Vueling 6265
Gate 3 | @NeperQiell | LCLK | AOVA004
Gate 4 | @Feurum | LCLK | AOVA118
Gate 5 | @MathAviation7 | EGNT | AOVA002
Gate 6 | @EthanT2 | LICJ | AOVA120
Gate 7 | @QFA_12 | EDDF | Kestrel 12
Gate 8 | @Lefterix | LGAV | NVOW12Q
Gate 9 | @Atha_Pou | EDDF | A3340
Gate 10 | @JamieArscott | EGKK | TCX001
Gate 11 | @APH71 | EGSS | Easy 27-09-71
Gate 12 | @Thomas_Purdy | EGKK | N548HY
Gate 13 | @Marek | EGKK | EZY312
Gate 14 | @airbavaria | LHBP | WZZ163
Gate 15 | @Pascal2910 | LSZH | AOVA119
How to request gate:
Gate Wanted | Route | Aircraft | Callsign #

Must be airline your using. Ex. Transaiva 179
If you are in Aegean Virtual please use preset callsign or the Aegean flight number

LGIR Ground: @NationofAviation
LGIR Tower: @NationofAviation
LGIR Departure:

If you would like to open up for people arriving you may do so

How to request gate:
Gate Wanted | Route | Aircraft | Callsign #


  • Please dont spam ATC
  • Maintain Seperation by 5nm on depature/approach
  • Please listen to all ATC calls
  • Leave room when taxing and stopping
  • Have Fun!!


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I will be there! Looking forward to this!

Can I have gate 1 with a Vueling A320 bound to Rome. Callsign Vueling 6265.

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You’re down for Gate 2! (1 was taken). See you there!

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Any gate to Larnaca 😀

Gate 8

@NeperQiell You’ve got Gate 3 to Larnaca!

@Lefterix You’ve got Gate 8 to London Gatwick!

See you there!


Perfect see you there !!!


I can take Tower for you ☺️

I’m getting ready for my Written, so all help is needed


I can take Ground. Couldn’t attend the last one, forgot, will their be a reminder PM for all people attending?


Time Change Announcement

If you are not already aware, the event has been moved 30 min earlier. Instead of 1800Z the event will start at 1730Z. Sorry for all inconveniences!

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There was one for the last time too posted a few days before 😉 but yes, there will be one again


Can I have Gate 4? AOVA118 departing to LCLK


You’re down for Gate 4! See you there!


I will take Gate 05 with the TUI A321to Newcastle!

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Can I take Tower and Ground please.

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Gate 6, Tui Airways 757 to LICJ (Palermo)

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I dint get the reminder 😞

@CR3W Yep, you can take tower! See you there!

@NationofAviation as Tower was already taken, you’ve been put down for ground. Regarding the reminder - looks like there was an issue with you being added to the DM. You will be added to this one!

@EthanT2 and @MathAviation7, what will be your callsigns for the event? It’s needed for the list.

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I will be AOVA02! Looking forward to the event!