[FINISHED] Abu Dhabi - London Heathrow! @ OMAA - 041800ZNOV17

Ok, got that! No problem


@Spraklin Which Airline will you take?

can you get me a gate? Etihad A340

I would like a gate. I am taking an Airbus A380-800.

I am confused on how to read the time of the event

What Airline? Etihad or BA?

Sure! Gate 204 is yours

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Hmmmm, I can make this, A321, I tell you the airline later.

The airline will be British Airlines

Oh wait has to be Ethiad lol.

thank you so much! see you there

Ok, roger that, I’ll put both of you down

Yeah, see you there!

Hello how do i tell the time is it on NOV17?

The event will be on November 4th, 2017 at 2:00PM for U.S. Eastern Coast and 11:00AM for U.S. Western Coast

So your time will be 11:00AM on November 4th since you live in California

Yes please Singh me up zz I’ll be the ethihad a380

Ok thanks for the clarification I am in CO right now at my moms my dad is in CA COMPLICATED!! lol
Thanks again
i will check what i have

Roger that Ishan, I’ll give you a gate!

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How do you change your callsingh