[FINISHED] Abu Dhabi - London Heathrow! @ OMAA - 041800ZNOV17

Ok, roger that!..

Everyone, if you want a gate but didn’t get one, request NOW or NEVER

@ZZBossGaming you just changed the countdown from 2 hours to 3 hours? Did you mean to do this?

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Sorry, I said that it was at 12 but I got it wrong, it’s actually 2:00

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The event starts in about 10 minutes. Be sure to hop in 5 minutes early to make sure you have everything ready!

The ATC tower controller (me) is already active, but no one will be allowed to depart until the leader @ZZBossGaming has taken off first!

Yes sir!..

Just saying what you said…

Aren’t we on Causal? How are you gonna ATC on Casual?

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Oh yeahhhh, that’s right…

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Nope, it’s the training server

What? I’m seriously confused right now…

What’s this about then?

Wait what… it used to be Training, has it been changed?

Yes. He moved it from Training to Casual.

We changed the server. it’s now Casual server

still a few people on the training server

Oh… never knew that. There have already been a few people on here on the training server

Tell them to go on Casual

I can’t! There’s no command to tell them to go on casual

Also how long has it been changed for?