[FINISHED] Abu Dhabi - London Heathrow! @ OMAA - 041800ZNOV17

This is going to be Interesting with all these people…

it’s an app where everyone can talk on the same channel

No, we will NOT be…

Can I change my callsign?

Sure, what would be your new one?

Speedbird 21 23 Heavy

Ok, roger I’ll change it for you

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Is ther going to be atc at omaa

Well, if someone volunteers to be an ATC controller then yes

Hey, I think I should give my gate to someone else, as I won’t be able to complete the whole flight because of the time that it is in the UK. I think you can give it to someone else. I would only be able to get about half way through the flight.
However, can I be ATC at OMAA for the departures? Because it would take less time to depart everyone then fly the whole route. I would be operating both ground and tower ATCs. It would also be great practice for me for my upcoming IFACT theory test.

@ZZBossGaming ???

Yeah sure! I’m very sorry that I replied so late, somehow I didn’t receive any notification of your post. Yeah, I will remove your name from the gate! And you can be ATC!

Great! I just have a few questions.
Will it be you departing first or just in any order?
Also, should I not let people takeoff until the official start of the event, or as soon as they log on?

Hi there I will be flying in a BA 787-9 can I have gate 409

Is it too late for a gate? British Airways 787-9

I will take a gate! I will bring a Ethiad 787.

Guys, he’s probably not getting your messages. You need to actually go to one of his comments or his post and reply to that otherwise he doesn’t get the notification. I had the same problem a few hours ago

Can i have the last gate? Etihad 777-300ER callsign Etihad 3410

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Ok guys, this flight doesn’t have any more gates but I have another event that’s at the same time as this one, it’s from Dubai to London Heathrow so go to that instead the link is at the very top of this event page

Everyone who wants a gate, go to this event:[FINISHED] Dubai - London Heathrow! @ OMDB - 041810ZNOV17