[FINISHED] Abu Dhabi - London Heathrow! @ OMAA - 041800ZNOV17

Bossgaming gate 409 is still empty in this one, i asked for a gate, you never said if i got it or not

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Ok, I’ll give you that one

Well I told you guys to go to a different event

Unfortunately this event or out of gates, here go to this one, it’s at the same time as this onehttps://community.infiniteflight.com/t/dubai-london-heathrow-omdb-041810znov17/159014?u=zzbossgaming

I’ll take a gate I’ll bring a a 340 Etihad

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Please read the title, NO GATES REMAINING, but you can join this even, it’s at the same time as the Abu Dhabi one

Conflict sorry I would love someone to take my gate.

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Ok, roger that…

I would like to change my plane from a A319 to a 787-10 Etihad callsign Etihad 3180

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Hey, I gotta drop out unfortunately. It’s too late for me.

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Not true, any replies on this topic will notify him


Roger that sir…

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Ok, I’ll change it for you

Sorry, I can’t attend this event. Someone can take my gate.

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Hi can I have gate 308 British airways 787-9 calling sign Ba789.

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You’re already in the Dubai to London Heathrow event! Both are at the same time! You either choose this one or that one!

787-9 British Airways Callsign: Speedbird 17 gate 308 pls

Rodger Dodger, I’ll get you a gate!

This one please sorry for the trouble.

Ok, so you’re not in the Dubai one anymore? you’re in this one?