[FINISHED] Abu Dhabi - London Heathrow! @ OMAA - 041800ZNOV17

Is it too late for a gate? British Airways 787-9

I will take a gate! I will bring a Ethiad 787.

Guys, he’s probably not getting your messages. You need to actually go to one of his comments or his post and reply to that otherwise he doesn’t get the notification. I had the same problem a few hours ago

Can i have the last gate? Etihad 777-300ER callsign Etihad 3410

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Ok guys, this flight doesn’t have any more gates but I have another event that’s at the same time as this one, it’s from Dubai to London Heathrow so go to that instead the link is at the very top of this event page

Everyone who wants a gate, go to this event:[FINISHED] Dubai - London Heathrow! @ OMDB - 041810ZNOV17

I will want a gate pls. Thanks

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Here or at the link above?

Here. Idk what are you talking about

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Bossgaming gate 409 is still empty in this one, i asked for a gate, you never said if i got it or not

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Ok, I’ll give you that one

Well I told you guys to go to a different event

Unfortunately this event or out of gates, here go to this one, it’s at the same time as this onehttps://community.infiniteflight.com/t/dubai-london-heathrow-omdb-041810znov17/159014?u=zzbossgaming

I’ll take a gate I’ll bring a a 340 Etihad

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Please read the title, NO GATES REMAINING, but you can join this even, it’s at the same time as the Abu Dhabi one

Conflict sorry I would love someone to take my gate.

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Ok, roger that…

I would like to change my plane from a A319 to a 787-10 Etihad callsign Etihad 3180

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Hey, I gotta drop out unfortunately. It’s too late for me.

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Not true, any replies on this topic will notify him