[FINISHED] A330/A340 Rework Flight @ YSSY - 250530ZFEB17

Come on down to the Sydney, Australia Region to show your support for the need of an A330/A340 update.! We will be flying from Sydney to Canberra (YSSY to YSCB) in A330’s and A340’s (Which Highly need a rework). In absolutely any livery you like :)

Server: TS1

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY

Time: 0530Z Saturday

NOTAM: Please only come in an A330/A330F or an A340 Any Livery.

Here’s the flight plan: YSSY - FRANK - DEBOS -XWLNC - SUE - CB589 - CB560 - CB555 - DUBYA - YSCB

Zulu: 05:30 AM
PST: 9:30 PM (Previous Day)
AEDT: 4:30 PM (Same Day)
IST : 11:00 AM (Same Day)
EST : 12:30 AM (Same Day)
CST : 11:30 PM (Previous Day)

They were just some common times that I decided to list to help people out a bit :)

Gates: (please tell me if you’d like one :)
1-08: @ifaviationkaler
1-09: Me A340-600
1-10: Dr_Danniel_MD A330-300
1-11: @Hugh_Cooper
1-24:@Kizzyjet A330-200F
1-25:@SAA_A346 A340-600
1-30:@ADRINER A330-300
1-32:@S_Olejniczak A340-600
1-35:@PiloteerFrankie A330-300
1-36: Panther A340
1-37: Dashsolpher1
1-50: Captain28
1-51: Donnie_Burke
1-52: Harris_Carvel
1-53: Sudhanva_Gunesh A330
1-54: ToDeadToDie A340
1-55: edthomas123
1-56: Cpt_Max
1-57: Ricardo-acosta A330-200F
1-58: Abhishek_Bhattachary
1-59: pigdatflyz

(I’ll add more if needed)

Please come along to show your support for an A330/A340 rework! Everyone Welcome!

Any other things I forgot to add, please tell me.

(PS This is my very first time creating an event, so don’t judge me too badly :)


Yay! Ive got your attention, this is the plan.

Spawn 5 minutes early.
Pushback just a little bit so your plane fits in the parking space.
Take great screenshots to promote the A330 and A340 Rework and then post them here!
I’ll call pushback (or taxi if no atc), then you follow me to the active runway. Probably 16R or 34L.
I’ll Takeoff and then you follow the flightplan to YSCB Airport (Canberra).
Once we’ve arrived you can take a few more screenshots if you wish :)
My Callsign will be WOMBAT, copy my FPL.


Is this today? Aussie time?

No on Saturday for the Aussies.

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Dammit. My Live subscription runs out tommorow.


Oh no! That must suck :( Hope you get it again soon :)

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Will wait until Global comes out - then I will purchase Live +. Currently designing flyers for neighbourhood dog walking services to earn some $$ to afford Global ;)


Nice, what an interesting event theme! Never seen a rework event before. It will be great when these Airbus families get reworked. It will be a nice route and aircraft to fly, and I actually have both the A330 and A340. But unfortunately I still don’t have Live :-(


Once global comes out I will most likely get Live+ can’t wait!

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Same I hope it’s not too expensive. But that’s for another topic :)

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Can I please have gate 1-11

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Cool! I’ll take part in if there’s no unexpected stuff bothering at that time. My gate is on your choice, I’ll bring my A333 babe:)

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EAT 8:30am. Can I join

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I wish I could but I can’t because I don’t either the A330 and A340 or live

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I’m Attending if my wifi gets fixed

Is the wifi complimentary in your private A321, ahem, Cessna?


Sure! Thankyou very much for joining!

Absolutely! Any specific gate?

Tell me if you’re wifi gets fixed and I’ll add you.

Also, what aircraft?

Actually, I’ll put you down just as a maybe though.