[Finished!] A320 Landing Competition @ VQPR 232000ZAUG19

General Information

Server: TBD

Airport: VQPR

Aircraft A320-200 Batik Air

Time: 2000Z 2019-08-23T20:00:00Z

NOTAM: Limited Gates Available. Please follow the Flight Plan and Approach Chart Provided. Landings will be judged by Smoothness, Centerline and Touchdown Point.

The initial flight plan is VQPR PR810 PR812 PR814 PR816 PRC64 PR888 PRC61 TAKTI, then You will have to follow the approach chart:

Credit to @anon24319801 for the chart.

Wawe One

Gate Name Callsign Time
1 @Captain_Adri EC-ADRI 2000Z
2 @Cp.Carlos EC-TRO 2002Z
3 @Ecoops123 EC-123 2004Z
4 @Jackalus_Mills N1KB 2006Z
5 @ButterMachine BUTT3R 2008Z
Hangar 1 @Butter_Boi LLL001 2010Z
Hangar 2 @Abudy N/A 2012Z

Wawe Two

Gate Name Callsign Time
1 @United2 NAZ32 2014Z
2 @Captain_Infinite CPT-INFT 2016Z
3 @ndojime PAT2403 2018Z
4 @rob1 N279RM 2020Z
5 @Nicholas_Henry SW-1538 2022Z
Hangar 1 @Joseph_Robertson JR2143 2024Z
Hangar 2 @Captain_Dreamliner Rohith7 2026Z

Paro International Airport


Paro International Airport (VQPR) serves the historic town of Paro, which is located in the valley of the river Paro Chhu. This is the only international airport from the four present in the Kingdom of Bhutan and it is generally referred to as one of the most challenging airports in the world. It is served by only Bhutan Airlines and Druk Air.

See You in Paro!

Summary and Results!

Hello again!

The event is finished! Even though many registered, some bailed out, but it has still been an amazing turnout! I’m so glad to have been the Air Traffic Controller and Organizer for this Event. It was amazing seeing very professional landings from such sophisticated pilots!

That said, let’s crack on with the results:

Place Name Smoothness Centerline Touchdown Point Total Score
1st @Captain_Dreamliner 10 10 9 29
2nd @ButterMachine 10 10 8 28
2nd @ndojime 9 10 9 28
3rd @Abudy 10 9 8 27
3rd @Nicholas_Henry 10 8 9 27
4th @Butter_Boi 8 7 9 24
5th @Captain_Adri 8 9 6 23
6th @Ecoops123 6 7 9 22
6th @rob1 9 4 9 22
7th @Jackalus_Mills 6 6 9 21

So, congratulations to everyone! You all had a tremendously high score, considering the approach and the conditions! I saw a few tailstrikes as well.

See You next time!


Hi, I would like a gate please

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Good luck, i won’t attend since I’m busy. :thumbsup: (badge)


You have Gate 1. What callsign would You like?

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EC-ADRI please

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Thank You for signing up! I filled in the info in the main post.

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Hello, I would like a gate :D
Callsign: EC-TRO

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Welcome to the community!

You have Gate 2. What callsign will you be using during the event?

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Hey mate, a friend of mine also wants to join but he can’t post in here we don’t know why. He is @ifes_cp_pablo and his callsign will be EC-BCN

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Of course, I can switch @Cp.Carlos to Gate 3 and @ifes_cp_pablo can have Gate 2!

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No, let it like that, we three know each other. Anyway thanks!

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Alright! Do You perhaps know what callsign will @Cp.Carlos be using?

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He wrote it there mate

Oh lord, I didn’t notice the edit!


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When will the server be announced?

Well, if You decide on whether You want ATC coverage or not, I can tell You today.

If You want ATC, we’ll do training, otherwise we will use Unicom in Expert.

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I don’t really mind, whatever you want

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Alright. I’ll create an official PM the day before the event and will announce the server there.

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Same day as my debit card arrives but I’ll join on this one!


I ll join the competition

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