{Finished} A New Frontier: El Paso, Texas, USA- Announcing A New Event Series @ KELP - 221800ZJUN18

Finding New Frontiers at Frontier Virtual- El Paso, Texas

Here at Frontier VA we pride ourselves at our never ending desire to find new adventures! We invite you to join us on the first event of a series that will bring flights to the forgotten corners of the USA!

My name is Capt. Dwyer, and I am happy to be the event manager here at FVA. I will be planning all of the events for this series and I ask YOU the community to join me and the awesome pilots at FVA for the flight of a lifetime! Without further ado…

Welcome To El Paso, Texas, USA

Located in the Western Panhandle of Texas, the second biggest state of the US, El Paso is a vibrant city known for it’s extreme location. El Paso is located in the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert, that spans over much of Mexico and the Western Texas. El Paso has a large Hispanic population, which contributes to its Mexican traditions like La Fiesta de Los Flores, a three day celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Culture.

Flight Plan

Server: Training (ATC will not be provided)

Date and Time: June 22, 2018 6:00 PM

Aircraft: Any Frontier Aircraft (CRJ-700, A318, A320, A321) With Frontier Livery

Flight Planning Will Be At Pilot’s Discretion, However Flights Will Depart from KELP, and land at KDEN, about a 2 hour flight.

Gate Information
The event will be by first come first serve only. If you wish to participate, please specify below in the comments in the following format:

(Callsign, Aircraft, and Gate)

Here is a list of Gates that are open:

Terminal A (Reserved for FVA Members)

A1: @CaptainDwyer
A2: @JulianQ
A3: @Alex101903
A4: FVA Member to Be Specified

Terminal B: Open For Public Use (Please Ask for a Gate)

B1: @Playr_Mar
B9: @Big_Elijah

Atlantic Aviation Tie Down Information:
The are dozens of Atlantic Aviation FBO Tie Downs At KELP. These spots are for GA Aircraft, so they will not be used by FVA during the Event, however if all Gates are full, they may be used as an overflow area for those who did not book a gate in time.


This event is an FVA booster event. All Pilots are expected to be respectful and comply with ATC instructions if available. If ATC is not available, Pilots are expected to communicate efficiently using the Unicom systems. Any Pilot who fails to comply with these instructions will receive a ghosting as well a consequences within FVA, that will be decided by FVA Staff.

About FVA

**Want to be part of the team the explores the contiguous US? Join FVA! FVA is a fun, active and fast paced team, that love to take it easy and just FLY, but we do have a serious side. Pilots who come here can expect a community focused on being the best that we can be.

Why Join FVA?

We Want You!

In our mind, no VA could ever be too big, and were always happy to have more members! We have group flights often and have a very active slack. For more info please visit our Official Thread here:

For More Questions Please feel free to contact me, or one of our awesome staff members:

@SkyHighGuys, @Tecnam2TA, or @Cessna_Driver

About The ‘New Frontier’ Event Series

The goal of this series is to bring glory to the towns of the US that just don’t get much attention. Through-out the Summer (Winter for you Aussies) we will be hosting many events that will be fun, and new, creating new challenges in locations that some may have never flown. Want to be a part of this amazing effort? You can be! Votes will frequently be done to determine the next secret location of our New Frontier.

This series is planned in part with:


Frontier Virtual Airlines

Hope To See Ya There!

Best Wishes,

@CaptainDwyer, Event Planner- Frontier Virtual Airlines

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Image Credits

All Images Are Credited To Their Original Owners, and Were Taken From A Public Domain

In Order:

Picture 1: https://livability.com/tx/el-paso/real-estate/best-neighborhoods-in-el-paso-tx
Picture 2: Boutique Hotels in Downtown El Paso | Hotels Indigo El Paso Downtown
Picture 3: El Paso - El Paso International (ELP) Airport Terminal Maps - TravelWidget.com
Picture 4: Owned By FVA, Credit to @SkyHighGuys


Hello Everyone! It has been my pleasure to schedule this event, and I look forward to a successful event series. Just a reminder, you MUST REQUEST a gate to begin at to participate in the event.

If you wish to participate in voting for the next event, I will be posting our official vote for location on the FVA Thread, linked above. Please drop by and give us your vote for the next location in the series. The voting will have a set deadline, so please don’t miss it!

Don’t forget to check out the FVA Website as well!


Sounds fun. I do believe I would like to join both this event and it’s VA. Please pm me the necessary info to join. Thank u.
Also I’d like to fly the CRJ700, in this event, as well as use the Callsign (WB81) The gate I will leave at your discretion. Thank u.

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If only I wasn’t at work 🙁 amazing looking event dude man am I proud!

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Good Morning IFC,

I have take the liberty to change our New Event to the Training Server. I am doing this to allow more people to sign up, including some people within FVA.

If you would like to sign up, please specify! I really hope this change is for the better, and I look forward to this event!

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Yes sir, I submitted an application awaiting ur response and I’ve requested a different aircraft and callsign.

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Ok, I’ll be happy to change those for you, just PM me and let me know!

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Hey! I’ll take A2 as i am part of FVA. I’ll show up in an A320

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I’ll take gate A3 since I’m in Frontier Virtual, go in an A318, and my callsign will be FVA 262. (FIXED. INFO IS NOW CORRECT)

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Ah, I would have been able to make it if the event was like 35 minutes later. Next time! Have a great event guys!

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Can I take B9 in an A320


I love your profile photo 😍

Also nice chance to training server. Thanks for changing it Dwyer!


Thank you very much! I took it myself when I was on my flight from Nashville last week.



Hey Everyone! Just a reminder that we are closing in on hour final hours of sign up! The sign ups will close in 2 hours at exactly 6:00 pm Central Time.

We have plenty of gates open, so if you want to sign up, please sign up immediately to avoid the sharp deadline.

Thank you to all that have signed up, and I look forward to seeing you all in our next ‘New Frontier’ event!

NOTAM: An official PDF flight plan will be posted prior to tomorrow’s event to assist Pilots in flight planning.


A very special thanks to everyone participating in the event @KELP! Please make sure to head over to FVA’s official thread to vote on the location of our next New Frontier Event. Results will be released on Saturday.

If you are participating in this event please take a look at the following Flight Plan that will take you from KELP to KDEN (Frontier’s sponsor route) you may change you flight as needed but this OFP will be for your ease of access.

One Hour Left!

Hey everyone, I will see you at KELP in one hour! Looking Forward to it!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

For anyone who wanted to participate but couldn’t, we will announce the next location for our event to be held next week, tomorrow!

Moderators may now close this event thread.