[Finished] A Huge Airport Event @ KJFK - 301800ZJUN18

Ok thanks! That’s perfectly fine ;)

I would like to participate!

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER
Callsign: EK 6839
Any gate in Terminal 4:-):-)
New York - Los Angeles

Is ATC taken care of for the event? If not, check out my topic about requesting ATC for certain global airports and write something there! So excited for event!

-Thunder ;)

If we get lots of participants, we will probably be covered by IFATC, but if not, I will go check your post about it. But could you please send me the link to the post ? Thank you.

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Oh right, I forgot this is on Advanced. I will post the link.

I’m sorry if I keep changing gates
I would like to change my destination, call sign, aircraft, and gate the final time.
Gate 4 Terminal 8
AA 142
American Airlines 777 300

Aircraft: A320
Airline: JetBlue
Call sign: BLUE04
Route: JFK-FLL

I’ll take any gate in terminal 5

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@Isabelsenske2004 thank you for participating.

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Is there a specific gate you would like to assign me? Just in case so I don’t spawn at someone else’s gate.

Yes I already gave you a specific gate.

Ah sorry for bothering: I didn’t know you could click it

Hi. Looks like a cool event which I would love to join.

Can I have a T1 gate as follows please?

Azerbaijan Airlines
Azal 19 17


Can I get a gate too please…

hi. sorry to bother you. but in terminal 4 gate A5. i see my call sign as AI102. although that will be the flight i"ll be flying. can i keep my call sign i.e. N2992G.

I would join if this was on TS1! We need more TS1 events

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Yes but we would rather have it on Expert
THan have random people stealing our gates. At least There are less expert users

I recommend you change the title. It’s a little misleading.

hello everyone, I am extremely sorry for late responses but I have a lot of exams so I will add your gates or change your gates tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding.

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I’m excited for the event. Is their any event specific etiquette to know of? This will be my first one and don’t want to mess it up.