[Finished] A Huge Airport Event @ KJFK - 301800ZJUN18

Server: Expert

Region: USA

Airport: KJFK

Time: 1800Z June 30, 2018 6:00 PM

About this Event: This new event is being held at KJFK, and for anyone that didn’t participate at my last event, I try to make those events as realistic, organised and professional as possible. I do not do them on the training server because those events could be a mess if almost all of the airport is full. If the event is covered by IFATC, it would be great, but if not, please use UNICOM wisely.

About the Airport: John F. Kennedy International Airport - Wikipedia

NOTAM: To join this event, please include the following information in the format shown below or else I won’t take it in consideration. Thank you.

(Aircraft) (Airline) (Callsign) (Route)

Everyone need to refer to the following website below when determining their route, destination and aircraft. Please take note that Delta Airlines small aircrafts are in Terminal 2 and the big ones in terminal 4. And also that Terminal 5 is only for Jet Blue and that Hawaiian Airlines are going to be moved to Terminal 8.

Terminal 1 (1 GATE AVAILABLE)

Terminal 1

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate 1
Gate 2 @vabriola40 (AZ603) Alitalia KJFK-LIRF 777-200ER
Gate 3 @kevinlu1999 (CA982) Air China KJFK-ZBAA 747-8
Gate 4 @Lufthansa2 (DY7002) Norwegian KJFK-ENGM 787-9
Gate 5 @Krasnimish (AZAL 1917) Azerbaijan Airlines KJFK-UBBB 787-8
Gate 6 @Mohammed_Abdulov (AZAL164**) Azerbaijan Airlines KJFK-UBBB 787-8
Gate 7 @Adam_Ruley (Aeroflot 50) Aeroflot KJFK-UUDD 777-300ER
Gate 8 @Airchina789 (CCA990) Air China KJFK-ZBAA 787-9
Gate 10 @Dart (Norwegian 3240) Norwegian KJFK-EGKK 787-9
Gate 11 @Ahmad_Brewster (Koreanair 420 Super) Korean Air KJFK-RKSI A380
Terminal 2 (16 GATES AVAILABLE)

Terminal 2

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate C61 @nativetoalaska (B3AST) Delta Connections KJFK-KMIA CRJ-700
Gate C62 @Alfster (DEL485) Delta Connections KJFK-KHFD CRJ-700
Gate C63 @CBD (DL491) Delta Airlines KJFK-KMSP A319
Gate C67 @CooCo2_CooCo2 (DL4076) Delta Connections KJFK-KBWI CRJ-700
Gate C68
Gate C69
Gate C70
Gate B
Gate C
Gate D
Gate E
Gate F
Gate G
Gate J
Gate L
Gate N
Gate P
Gate O
Gate R
Gate S
Terminal 4, A gates (FULL)

Terminal 4, A gates

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate A2 @77W (CAL011) China Airlines KJFK-RCTP 777-300ER
Gate A3 @Springbok777 (SA204) South African Airways KJFK-FAOR A340-600
Gate A4 @SAA_A346 (Springbok126) South African Airways KJFK-FAOR (Via DGAA) A340-600
Gate A5 @niks.goen (N2992G) Air India KJFK-VIDP 777-200LR
Gate A6 @Capt.SkyWalker (SVA0036) Singapore Airlines KJFK-WSSS A380
Gate A7 @PedroG (Avianca 21) Avianca KJFK-SKBO 787-8
Terminal 4, B gates (4 GATES AVAILABLE)

Terminal 4, B gates

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate B20 @CapriciousWisewater (DLVA9375) Delta Airlines KJFK-KATL 737-900
Gate B22 @Adam_Lehot (United 32) United Airlines KJFK-EGLL 787-9
Gate B24 @Dommo209 (Delta 223) Delta Airlines KJFK-KLAX 777-200ER
Gate B25 @Jay_Jing (Singapore 829) Singapore Airlines KJFK-KLAX-WSSS 787-10
Gate B26 @Milen_Jacob (EK 204) Emirates Airlines KJFK-OMDB A380
Gate B27 @Logan_Lee (LAL2252) Emirates Airlines KJFK-OMDB A380
Gate B28 @ADDY28 (AFKLM158) KLM KJFK-EHAM 787-9
Gate B29 @Ignas04 (LIT001) Asiana Airlines KJFK-RKSI A380
Gate B30 @sk28 Delta Airlines KJFK-KLAX 777-200LR
Gate B31 @Logan_Lee (LAL2252) Emirates Airlines KJFK-OMDB A380
Gate B32 @anon36731834 (N-LA101) Delta Airlines KJFK-KLAX 777-200ER
Gate B33 @Pingu (DL400) Delta Airlines KJFK-YSSY 777-200LR
Gate B34 @Alboma (Turkish 2674 Heavy) Turkish Airlines KJFK-LTBA 777-300ER
Gate B35 @Felipe_Barreto (KLM 741 Heavy) KLM KJFK-EHAM 787-10
Gate B36 @markovnikov (Air NZ 3) Air New Zealand KJFK-NZAA 777-300ER
Gate B37
Gate B38
Gate B39
Gate B41
Terminal 4, Remote gates (11 GATES AVAILABLE)

Terminal 4, Remote gates

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate 61
Gate 62
Gate 63
Gate 72
Gate 73
Gate 74
Gate 78
Gate 79 @Kevinsoto1502 (ASM9823) Air Small KJFK-KBUF CRJ-700
Gate 80 @KingWings Delta Airlines KJFK-KLAX 747-400
Gate 81 @Transport_Hub (SVA001) Singapore Airlines KJFK-WSSS (via EDDF) A380
Gate 82
Gate 98
Gate 99
Gate 100
Terminal 5 (13 GATES AVAILABLE)

Terminal 5

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate 1
Gate 2 @Isabelsenske2004 (JetBlue 367) JetBlue KJFK-KFLL A320
Gate 3 @Kaj JetBlue KJFK-KFLL A321
Gate 4 @jetPro (JetBlue 482) JetBlue KJFK-KSEA A321
Gate 5 @metro (JetBlue 13) JetBlue KJFK-KSEA A321
Gate 6 @Reddy (RED49) JetBlue KJFK-KMCO A321
Gate 7 @SF34 (JetBlue 89) JetBlue KJFK-KSAN A321
Gate 8 @Colin_Bondi (JetBlue 308) JetBlue KJFK-KPWM E190
Gate 9 @Patrick_O_Reilly (JetBlue 106) JetBlue KJFK-KORD A320
Gate 10 @BigBert10 (Jetblue 669) JetBlue KJFK-KSJC A320
Gate 11
Gate 12
Gate 14 @FBWFTW (JBU53) JetBlue KJFK-KPBI A320/A321
Gate 15
Gate 16
Gate 17
Gate 18
Gate 19
Gate 20 @IanD (JetBlue 787) JetBlue KJFK-TNCM A320
Gate 21 @Forza_Gamer (JetBlue 202) JetBlue KJFK-KALB E190
Gate 22
Gate 23
Gate 24
Gate 25
Gate 26
Terminal 5, H gates (8 GATES AVAILABLE)

Terminal 5, H gates

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate H21
Gate H22
Gate H23
Gate H24
Gate H25
Gate H26
Gate H27
Gate H28
Terminal 7 (5 GATES AVAILABLE)

Terminal 7

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate 1
Gate 2
Gate 3 @JustflyM15 (BA 178) British Airways KJFK-EGLL 747-400
Gate 4 @Marek (Marek) LOT Polish Airlines KJFK-EPWA 787-8
Gate 5 @7405896A ANA KJFK-RJTT 787-10
Gate 6 @Goran12 (TFC-015) British Airways KJFK-EGLC A318
Gate 7 @A320fan (Speedbird 1738) British Airways KJFK-EGLC A318
Gate 8 @2003iggy (ACVA258) Air Canada KJFK-CYYZ ERJ-175
Gate 9 @Thundxr (LOT 34) LOT Polish Airlines KJFK-LHBP 787-8
Gate 10
Gate 11
Gate 12
Terminal 8 ( 27 GATES AVAILABLE)

Terminal 8

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate 1
Gate 2
Gate 3
Gate 4
Gate 5
Gate 6
Gate 7
Gate 8 @Peter_Mbg (AA 100) American Airlines KJFK-EGLL 777-300ER
Gate 10
Gate 12
Gate 14
Gate 16
Gate 31A
Gate 31B
Gate 31C
Gate 31D
Gate 31E
Gate 32F
Gate 32G
Gate 32H
Gate 32I
Gate 33
Gate 34
Gate 35
Gate 36
Gate 37 @Olivier999 (Cathay 999 Heavy) Cathay Pacific KJFK-VHHH 747-400
Gate 38 @AgusAeromexico American Eagle KJFK-KAGS (via KCLT) CRJ-700
Gate 39 @Brent_A (USAV-001) U.S. Airways KJFK-KPHX 757-200
Gate 40 @HadenJohnson (American 1571) American Airlines KJFK-KMIA 737-800
Gate 41
Gate 42 @Pinky32 (AA2572) American Airlines KJFK-KMIA 737-800
Gate 43 @Captain_JR (CX845) Cathay Pacific KJFK-VHHH 777-300ER
Gate 44 @USAairlines (BUTTER) American Eagle KJFK-KBOS CRJ-700
Gate 45
Gate 46
Gate 47


Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Lufthansa Cargo 1
Lufthansa Cargo 2
Korean Air Cargo 1
Korean Air Cargo 2
Korean Air Cargo 3
JAL Cargo 1
JAL Cargo 2
JAL Cargo 3
Atlas Cargo
Delta Cargo 1
Delta Cargo 2
British Airways Cargo
UPS Cargo 1
UPS Cargo 2
UPS Cargo 3
UPS Cargo 4
FedEx Cargo 1
FedEx Cargo 2
FedEx Cargo 3
FedEx Cargo 4
FedEx Cargo 5
China Airlines Cargo
DHL Cargo 1
DHL Cargo 2
American Airlines Cargo 1
American Airlines Cargo 2
Evergreen Cargo 1
Evergreen Cargo 2
Evergreen Cargo 3
Evergreen Cargo 4

Again, when you want to choose a gate, please refer to to the website above when determining your route, destination, and aircraft. Thank you.


Could I join as a China airlines 777-300ER.
Callsign : CAL011
Route : KJFK ( obviously) to RCTP (Taiwan Taoyuan) thanks!

I’ll take a Gate in this event as well.
Callsign: ACVA243
Air Canada E175

I would like to take a gate in terminal 1
Air China B747-8
Callsign: CA982

I would like a gate in Temrminal 4

AirSmall CRJ-700


Callsign: ASM9823

@77W @Sebastian9915 @kevinlu1999 thank you for participating.

I can join! My callsign in L-LA101 ill prob be flying a B777 or an A330 doing KJFK (obviously) to PHNL or KLAX

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Air Small is not a real airline so you will need to take another Airline. Sorry but it has to be as realistic as possible.

Please in that format, thank you.

Do Air Canada use terminal 5 now? I thought it was BA and the rest of the one world alliance excluding AA?

B772 United N-LA101 KJFK-KLAX

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No, Air Canada still uses Terminal 7.

Here’s what I want:

Terminal 2, Gate C61:
Bombardier CRJ-700
Delta Connection

Are you sure? Air Canada stopped flying to JFK in April 2016.

Again this is an IFAVRB approved VA and I fly in it. But if you wont accept airsmall virtual then thats fine ill just fly this route outside of this event!

Oh, oops. I totally forgot, but it’s okay, I will still keep it in this event.

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Okay, I will add you with Air Small.

Thank you very much!

@nativetoalaska @Kevinsoto1502, thank you for participating.

United does not go to KJFK anymore, so you could maybe keep everything the same but change the airline to Delta or American Airlines.

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