[FINISHED] A Huge Airport Event @ EGLL - 241800ZMAY18

Server: Expert

Region: United Kingdom

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1800Z


About this event: This event is being held at EGLL, London Heathrow which is one of the biggest hubs in the whole world. This event is only for pilots that are grade 3 or above.

About the airport: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heathrow_Airport

NOTAM: To join this event, please include the following information in the format shown below.

(Aircraft) (AIrline) (Callsign) (Route)

Terminal 2

Gate 216 Aer Lingus EGLL EIDW A321 @Darragh_ODonoghue **
Gate 217 Brussels airlines EGLL EBBR A319
Gate 218 SAS EGLL EKRK A320 @CptAxel SAS 504
Gate 219 Aer Lingus EGLL EICK A321
Gate 220 Flybe EGLL EGPH ERJ 195
Gate 222 Tunis Air EGLL DTTA A319
Gate 223 Lufthansa EGLL EDDF A320 @anon70624511
Gate 224 Swiss air EGLL LSGG A319 @Scotty DB1
Gate 225 Croatia Airlines EGLL LDRI A319
Gate 231 Swiss Air EGLL LSZH A321 @TheWalkingFruit N1TF
Gate 232 Lufthansa EGLL EDDF A320 @LH-MUC LH2481
Gate 233 Air Canada EGLL CYHZ A319 @Sebastian9915 EI151
Gate 236 Iceland Air EGLL BIRK 757-200 @KarlMcDonkey ICEAIR 313
Gate 238 Flybe EGLL EGPD Dash 8 Q400
Gate 239 EVA air EGLL VTBS 787-10
Gate 241 Air Canada EGLL CYYC 787-9
Gate 242 Singapore Airlines EGLL WSSS 777-300ER @Peter_Mbg **
Gate 243 Singapore Airlines EGLL WSSS 787-10 @FraserH99
Gate 244 Asiana EGLL RKSI A380
Gate 246 Ethiopian EGLL HAAB 787-8
Gate 247 Egypt Air EGLL HECA A330-300
Gate 248 Air Canada EGLL CYVR 777-300ER
Gate 249 Korean Airlines EGLL RKSI A380
Gate 251 Singapore Airlines EGLL WSSS 777-300ER @Capt.SkyWalker SVA0036
Gate 252 Singapore Airlines EGLL WSSS A380 @saad375 SQ 317
Gate 253 Thai Airways EGLL VTBS A380
Gate 254 Air New Zealand EGLL KLAX 777-300ER @Aviator_Airbus NZ1
Gate 255 United Airlines EGLL KLAX 777-200ER @nativetoalaska B3AST
Gate 256 South African Airlines EGLL FAOR A340-600 @Springbok777 SAA 235
Gate 257 South African Airways EGLL FAOR A340-600 @SAA_A346
Gate 258 South African AIrways EGLL FAOR A340-600 @Marek Marek

Terminal 3

Gate 301 Qantas EGLL OMDB A380
Gate 303 Qantas EGLL YMML A380 @Lefterix Qantas 232
Gate 305 Qantas EGLL YPPH 787-9 @Matt02 Qantas10
Gate 307 Emirates Airlines EGLL OMDB A380 @Georges180305 EK2
Gate 309 MEA EGLL OLBA A321 @JoeHaddad MEA 427
Gate 311 Vueling Airlines EGLL LEBL A320 @F_Javier_Martinez
Gate 313 British Airways EGLL LXGB A319 @kznawsm Speedbird 328
Gate 316 Emirates Airlines EGLL OMDB 777-300er @IF_AMERICA_DO_SUL
Gate 317 British Airways EGLL LFLL A319 @CooCo2_CooCo2 Speedbird 194
Gate 318 Delta Airlines EGLL KMSP 767-300
Gate 319 Delta Airlines EGLL KATL A330-300 @Joshh
Gate 320 Air Small (generic) EGLL KLAS 777-300er @Kevinsoto1502 ASM 39
Gate 321 American Airlines EGLL KJFK 777-300ER @JGrant639 AAVA0359
Gate 322 Finnair EGLL EFHK A321
Gate 325 British airways EGLL DGAA 747-400
Gate 326 Virgin Atlantic EGLL KLAX 787-9 @TommyGarrett VIRGIN 23
Gate 327 British airways EGLL LHBP A319
Gate 328 American Airlines EGLL KMIA 777-200ER
Gate 329 Royal Jordanian EGLL OJAI 787-8
Gate 330 British airways EGLL LEBB A319
Gate 331 Garuda Indonesia EGLL WIII 777-300ER
Gate 332 American Airlines EGLL KORD 787-9
Gate 334 LATAM EGLL SBGR 787-9
Gate 335 PIA EGLL OPRN 777-200LR
Gate 336 Generic EGLL KCLT A330-300 @Brent_A AAL 733
Gate 340 Philippine Airlines EGLL RPLL 777-300ER
Gate 342 Cathay Pacific EGLL VHHH 777-300ER @Emty1216 Cathay 238
Gate 351 British Airways EGLL LKPR A319
Gate 353 British Airways EGLL KPHX 747-400
Gate 355 British Airways EGLL LFML A319
Gate 357 British Airways EGLL HKJK 747-400
Gate 363 Iran Air EGLL OIIE 747-200 @Northwest IRAN710
Gate 364 Virgin Atlantic EGLL KBOS A340-600
Gate 365 Japan Airlines EGLL RJTT 787-9

Terminal 4

Gate 401 Turkmenistan EGLL UTAA 777-200LR
Gate 402 EL AI airlines EGLL LLBG 787-10 @royfr83 ELY83
Gate 403 China Southern EGLL KJFK 787-8 @kevinlu1999
Gate 404A TAROM EGLL LROP A318 @Gaby_Burnei TAROM392
Gate 404 Flybe EGLL EGPE ERJ 195
Gate 405 Azerbaijan EGLL UBBB 787-8
Gate 406 Qatar Airways EGLL OTBD A340 @theabdulrasheed
Gate 407 Malaysia Airlines EGLL WMKK A380
Gate 408 AeroMexico EGLL MMMX 787-8
Gate 409 Saudia Airlines EGLL OEJN 787-9
Gate 410 Etihad Airways EGLL OMAA A380 @aero7 EY18
Gate 411 KLM EGLL EDDF 747-400 @M.Horstede KLM 2002
Gate 412 Vietnam Airlines EGLL VVNB 787-9 @Captain_JR Vietnam 54
Gate 414 Aeroflot EGLL UUWW A330-300 @Artem_Krause
Gate 415 Alitalia EGLL LIML A321
Gate 417 Air France EGLL LFPG A319
Gate 419 Royal Air Maroc EGLL GMMN 737-800
Gate 420 Gulf Air EGLL OBBI A321
Gate 421 KLM EGLL EHAM 737-700 @FDemon KLM 1002
Gate 422 Oman Airline EGLL OOMS 787-8
Gate 423 Kenya Airways EGLL HKJK 787-8 @Logan_Lee LAL 2252
Gate 424 Saudia Airlines EGLL OERK 787-9
Gate 425 Alitalia EGLL LIRF 777-200ER
Gate 429 Tunisair EGLL DTTA A319

Terminal 5

Gate 501 British Airways EGLL LEAM A319 @Jackclarke825 Speedbird 2 0 4 5
Gate 502 British Airways EGLL LSGG A319 @Insertusernamehere Speedbird 726
Gate 503 British Airways EGLL EGCC A319 @Lucas_Dominguez BAW1392
Gate 505 British Airways EGLL LFPG A319 @77W BAW304
Gate 506 British Airways EGLL EKBI A319
Gate 507 British Airways EGLL LIPE A319
Gate 508 British Airways EGLL VOHS 787-9
Gate 509 British Airways EGLL EDDL A319
Gate 511 British Airways EGLL LPFR A318
Gate 512 British Airways EGLL MMMX 787-9 @Couch Speedbird 333
Gate 514 British Airways EGLL EHAM 787-9 @Johann_Viljoen BA 808
Gate 515 British Airways EGLL ESGP A319
Gate 517 British Airways EGLL LLBG 777-200ER
Gate 518 British Airways EGLL MYNN 777-300ER
Gate 519 British Airways EGLL EGPE A318
Gate 520 British Airways EGLL LOWI A319
Gate 521 British Airways EGLL LIMC A319 @ThomasR Speedbird18
Gate 522 British Airways EGLL EDDM A319
Gate 523 British Airways EGLL EGNT A319
Gate 531 British Airways EGLL KMSY 777-300ER
Gate 532 British Airways EGLL SABE 777-300ER
Gate 533 British Airways EGLL LCLK 767-300
Gate 534 British Airways EGLL LFMN 767-300
Gate 535 British Airways EGLL SBGL 787-9
Gate 536 British Airways EGLL FACT 747-400
Gate 537 British Airways EGLL CYYC 787-9 @CJHoughton Speedbird 606
Gate 538 British Airways EGLL LEMD 777-200ER @Jamie_Perkins Speedbird 3 5 1
Gate 539 British Airways EGLL KJFK 747-400 @Bermuda2016 BA 115
Gate 541 British Airways EGLL UUDD 777-300ER
Gate 542 British Airways EGLL KDAL 777-300ER @CaptainAaron Speedbird 383 Heavy
Gate 543 British Airways EGLL KSJC 787-9
Gate 544 British Airways EGLL KPHL 747-400
Gate 545 British Airways EGLL CYYZ 747-400 @ouzi BA93
Gate 546 British Airways EGLL OMDB 747-400
Gate 547 British Airways EGLL KAUS 747-400
Gate 548 British Airways EGLL RJTT 787-9
Gate 551 British Airways EGLL ULLI 767-300
Gate 552 British Airways EGLL KSEA 747-400
Gate 553 British Airways EGLL VOBL 777-300ER
Gate 554 British Airways EGLL KEWR 777-300ER @Pingu BAW185
Gate 555 British Airways EGLL VHHH A380
Gate 556 British Airways EGLL KBOS A380
Gate 557 British Airways EGLL KIAD A380
Gate 558 British Airways EGLL VOMM 787-9 @Ankytrix BA35
Gate 561 British Airways EGLL KBOS 777-200ER
Gate 562 British Airways EGLL CYVR A380
Gate 563 British Airways EGLL KLAX A380 @James_Mazurek
Gate 564 British Airways EGLL KSFO 777-300ER @A320fan Speedbird 17 38
Gate 565 British Airways EGLL YSSY 777-300ER
Gate 566 British Airways EGLL OERK 777-300ER
Gate 567 British Airways EGLL KSAN 777-300ER
Gate 568 British Airways EGLL SCEL 777-300ER @Beau_Giles Speedbird 406
Gate 572 British Airways EGLL RKSI 787-9
Gate 573 British Airways EGLL FSIA 787-9
Gate 575 British Airways EGLL KJFK 747-400 @Carolina_Taylor BA 773
Gate 576 British Airways EGLL ZSSS 777-300ER
Gate 581 British Airways EGLL LIEO A319
Gate 582 British Airways EGLL ENGM A319
Gate 583 British Airways EGLL LICJ A319
Gate 590 British Airways EGLL LOWW A319 @Artem_F BA706
Gate 591 British Airways EGLL GCLA A319
Gate 592 British Airways EGLL EDDS A319
Gate 594 British Airways EGLL LSZH A318
Gate 595 British Airways EGLL GCTS A319 @ollywhxte SPEEDBIRD 6604
Gate 596 British Airways EGLL OIIE 777-300ER


Cargo gate 601 Air Bridge Cargo EGLL EDFH 747-8 @Hayos
Cargo gate 602 Air Bridge Cargo EGLL UUEE 747-8
Cargo gate 603 DHL EGLL EHAM 757-200
Cargo gate 604 DHL EGLL EBBR 757-200
Cargo gate 605 DHL (southern air) EGLL LFPG 777-200F
Cargo gate 606 UPS EGLL KPHL A330-200F @DaYooper UPS 582
Cargo gate 607 UPS EGLL LEMD MD-11F
Cargo gate 609 Emirates Airlines EGLL OMDW 777-200F
Cargo gate 611 DHL EGLL EGPH Cessna 208 Caravanerofl
Cargo gate 608 Aeroflot Cargo EGLL UUEE MD-11F
Cargo gate 612 DHL EGLL EGPE Cessna 208 Caravan
Cargo gate 613 DHL EGLL EGKK Cessna 208 Caravan
Cargo gate 614 Ethipoian Airlines EGLL HAAB MD-11F
Cargo gate 615 Korean Air EGLL RKSI 777-200F
Cargo gate 616 Qatar Airways EGLL OTBD 777-200F

56 people participating


I’ll take gate 261, ANZ, B777-300ER. EGLL - KLAX

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I just added you to the event. Gate 261 is yours.

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I‘d take Gate 238, Lufthansa, A320, EGLL - EDDF

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Gate 238 is yours. Thank you for participating to this event.

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I love realistic events, but unfortunately I’m not available on fridays! Anyway hope you can make another new one.

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Would @Brent_A approve of you of using his special event name?

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I changed the name of the event.

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It’s okay, but if you want, you can join my other realistic event which is @OLBA

I might come however it’s a bit late for me.


So do you want a gate or you prefer to wait to be sure ?

I’m going to wait and see how things go. It looks like fun though👍

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Okay as you wish @77W.

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I have made a decision to have a very late night😂 could have have any gate at terminal 5B/C as BAW167, please? I will turn up in either a 772 or a 77W depending on what is used on the day. Thanks.

I just added you to the event.

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Can I have Gate 595 (Terminal 5) as an A319 British Airways SPEEDBIRD 6604 going from EGLL to GCTS please?

Hmm, debating between the Iran Air 747 and the Turkmenistan Airlines 777. Any thoughts?

Gate 595 is yours @ollywhxte.

I gave you gate 363 Iran air to OIIE with aBoeing 747-200. @Northwest

Ok, sounds good- couldn’t make up my mind