[FINISHED]A Hop Across The Pond To Jolly ol' England! @ KLAX - 290500ZOCT17

Of course you can!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

I would like a gate please

Please check above for your gate

We still have plenty of gates open!
To any new users/members,
An event is a way to really get in touch with the community and even make some new friends, have a laugh, or even cry if thatโ€™s your thing.

Sign me up please and thank you

You know have a gate, please check above and follow all guidelines.

Is there any aircraft we have to be in?

Just one that can fly for the 11 hours that is it

Is this next saturday? Or today?

Next Saturday is the date my friend

Aww man I thought it was today because im trying to look for events for today?

I donโ€™t have any events today.

Ok thank you!!!

@Ishan_S here is the event you asked about

we still have gates open!

Any other people wanting to attend? rather you be a new user, an old favorite, and everything in between you can join!

Hi Daniel! Unfortunately, I wonโ€™t be able to make this one because for me in New Jersey, itโ€™ll be 1AM when the event starts and I donโ€™t think my mom will be very happy about that :(

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That is completely fine! Maybe you can guide us in at EGLL?

Around what time will you land?

Around 8:45AM pacific time