[FINISHED] A Farewell to Air Berlin @ EDDT - 281800ZOCT17

Server: Expert

Region: Earth

Airport: EDDT

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: IFATC will be controlling throughout Europe!! Please follow their instructions. We are doing this event to mock the last day of official operations for Air Berlin, please be professional.

As we all know, Air Berlin is ceasing operations on October 28th, 2017, or this Saturday. This call for bankruptcy was made after Etihad pull a huge share from the company. Lufthansa is then set to operate many Air Berlin routes, buy planes, etc. after they cease operations.

To remember Air Berlin, we will simulate one of their flights as one of their last operations.


  1. Route: EDDT-LSZH
  2. Aircraft: Airbus A319 (Air Berlin Livery)
  3. Average Time: 1hr 15mins
  4. Fuel: 2:30-3hrs (Please Bring Adequate Fuel for the Flight)
  5. Climb 2000FPM
  6. Maintain M0.80 at FL 360
  7. Descend at 240kts from 120-140nm
  8. FPL is to be copied at spawn

Gate 01: @Grady_Herbert
Gate 02: @Jack
Gate 03: @LouDon
Gate 04: @Justin_Chan
Gate 05: @SwissVirtual
Gate 06: @Owain_G
Gate 07: @Octoberr
Gate 08: @Samuel123abc
Gate 09: @Drew737380
Gate 10: @Diegar
Gate 11: @Allen_Lu
Gate 12: @Casa
Gate 13: @scandinaviangroup
Gate 14: @Seanhickey465
Gate 15: @LH-MUC
Gate 16: @Demeter
Gate 51:
Gate 52:
Gate 53:
Gate 54:
Gate 55:
Gate 56:
Gate 57:
Gate 58:
Gate 59:
Gate 60:
(More Gates Will Be Added If Needed)

I Hope to See Many People There!


I would love to be here but it’s on expert so I can’t really join.

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Sorry to hear! Hopefully you are close to being a Grade 3.

Can I join please???

Gate 2 is yours, see you there!

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nah only grade one. sorry bout that

What time is this for U.S. Eastern Coast?

14:00 or 2:00 pm. UTC is +4 hours to EST.

Ok, then I’ll goin! Air Berlin A319, call sign ZZBOSS29! Can I have Gate 3?

Sign me up! I flew a lot with Air Berlin! Gate06

Sign me up! Loved the airline, sad to see it go. Gate 07

Why are we ‘mocking’ and not celebrating this long established airline?

I think this may be a typo…

He doesn’t mean “mock” that way, he means it as a realistic, but fake activity. Kind of like a mock election or mock trial.

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Good Bobby!! Still, I’m not sure it’s the right language. I will be here for sure. I’m a big believer air Berlin have been let down. Lovely airline.

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@LouDon Does that mean you want a gate

Typo is also fixed 😁

Yes please @Sherbert342

Ok Gate 4 is yours!!

I want get a gate please, thank you!

Pls i expect many participants at my home airport EDDT where i will controll 👏

Im coming, assign me a gate