[FINISHED] A-10 Formation & Refuel! @ PHNL - 0405Z 2019

Who wants to fly around the Hawaiian Islands in formation and doing refuels?!
Coms will be easiest on a discord chat, so if that works and anyone wants to do it, let’s do it! I’ll be flying in about 45 mins from this post. Please note this will also be on the expert server, so we can follow best protocol. Lets have fun!

  • Aircraft and Livery : A-10 Warthog / DC10F
  • Route : PHNL-PHNL
  • Time of Departure : 0405Z
  • Server : Expert

Message me or reply if you want to communicate using Discord.

I’ll hang around Honolulu in the A10 and do some refueling if a tanker shows. Currently at FL180/210kts. 🙂



I’ll drop by in a KC10

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Headed up now! “XK”

Sorry for the delay, IF keeps crashing

Still time for me to come up?

Come on up!

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Join in! Tankers welcome too


No worries, running low on fuel now!

Any Specific livery of A-10?

landing for fuel, lets take off together!

takeoff together?

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@Ash_Rand @Tyler_Shelton Taking off 8L, flying runway heading climbing to FL110 @ 210kts, lets get some screenshots of tight formation!

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@Ash_Rand making an autopilot 180 left turn to 260. lets see if we can link up with this tanker!

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Sorry, calling it a night! Hopefully we can get a tanker next time. Shoot me a message if you try again in the coming days. Always fun flying the A10! 🤙

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Thanks for coming out anyways! great fun!

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@Ash_Rand see how close you can get to my right wing

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You want closer?

sure! see if you can get right up on it, maybe even a few feet above. screenshots gonna turn out great

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