[Finished!][92% Filled]Tiny Airports Vol. 1: Jackson Hole Flyout @ KJAC - 241900ZNOV18


Flight Info

Server: Expert

Time: November 24, 2018 8:00 PM

Airport: KJAC

Aircraft: CRJ7,A319, GA

NOTAM: This is the first event in a series of events I’ll be doing, in which we try to fill small regional airports. For this event, we depart from the beautiful town of Jackson Hole Wyoming! This is a great opportunity to learn about some cool destinations you’ve never been to before.

About Jackson Hole [KJAC]

Airlines and Destinations:

Airline Destination Aircraft
United KDEN A320
United Express KDEN CRJ7
Delta Airlines KSLC A319
Delta Connection KSLC CRJ7/CRJ2
American Eagle KDFW CRJ7


Commercial Gates

Gate Attendant Airline Aircraft Destination
1 @maeyo DL A319 KSLC
2 @JeromeJ
3 @DiamondGaming4 UA CRJ7 KDEN
4 @anon87102400 UA CRJ7 KDEN
5 @Cwilliams21 UA A320 KDEN
6 @Plnelovr UA A320 KDEN
7 @Rishon_R UA A320 KDEN
8 @den.aviation UA A320 KDEN

General Aviation

Gate Attendant Aircraft Destination
Hangar 1,Spot 1 @Plane-Train-TV TBM9 KSAN
Hangar 2,Spot 1
Hangar 2,Spot 2 @Luke_Sta C750 KBJC
Hangar 2,Spot 3 @TenMileJones C750 KSLC


Attendant Gate
✓ 1. @maeyo Gate 1
2. @Aviator10
✓ 3. @JeromeJ Gate 2

Interested in joining? Reserve your gate today!

This event is sponsored by Tailwinds Flying Club. Check out their thread here!


I will take the UA A320 to DEN :)
Any gate is OK :)

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I’d take CRJ 700 to KDEN Gate 2. Go regionals!

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I’ll take a GA Gate. TBM-930 with service to KSAN

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Alright, you all have gates!

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I’ll be representing United Virtual.
May I please request Gate 4 to KDEN
Callsign: UVA-138
Thank you.

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You’re all signed up! See you there.

Could I have a gate on the United A320 to KDEN
Call sign United 320


Thanks for joining, see you there!

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I’ll also take the A320 down to Denver


You’ve got a gate! Welcome aboard.

I think this is a really cool idea for an event series. I’ll have to watch for one that I can attended.


Glad you’re interested! I’ll probably be making a poll for the next one once this one is done :)

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I would like a gate. UA A320 to KDEN

Glad you could make it! See you there.

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Why do people create events and keep changing the dates. If this event is now on the 24th instead of the 19th as previously planned, then I can’t attend because there is another event planned for that date that ur now conflicting with.

Sorry. Please remove me.
I plan these months ahead of time to try and be in as many events as possible. Please KNOW what ur gonna do before you do it so as not to cause inconvenience.

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This was originally on the 24th. No dates have been altered or tampered with on this event. Sorry you can’t make it, you have now been removed.

This event is in 3 weeks, grab a gate today!

Any gates to Denver left??

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I’ll take an Envoy chartered Cessna Citation to KCRP, Hangar 2 spot 1 please. Depend on METAR upon departure I may make a quick stop over KAMA if flying in direct headwind

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