[Finished]8JUN20 / 1800Z—The Southern-Delta Flyout @KJAN

Hello Aviation Community and welcome to my first event at one of my favorite airports located in the heart of the South in Jackson MS
why Jackson?
Jackson is the crossroads of the South and is nearby a lot of the big airports many of the big airlines have hubs at

Server: Training

Airport: KJAN

Time of departure: 12:00pm (Denver)
(Please by at gate 10 minutes before departure)

Zulu Time Converter



GROUND- @ShaneAviation
TOWER- @ShaneAviation
ATIS- @ShaneAviation

The Gates!
East Concourse

TG 14—United—Newark—737-700
|TG 15—United—Houston—CRJ700 @Buttermachine737
|TG 14—United—Washington—ERJ170 @JarrettFlies
|TG 13—American—Charlotte—CRJ900 @L3gom4n
TG 12—American—Miami—CRJ700
TG 11—American—Dallas/Ft Worth—737-800 @ianfirepower
TG 10—JetBlue—New York/JFK—ERJ190 @ThatFlightSimGuy_24
TG 9—JetBlue—Orlando—ERJ190

West Concourse

TG 8—Delta—Detroit—A320 @dj_travis
TG 7—Delta—Atlanta—B717 @A_Plane_Guy
TG 6—Delta—Salt Lake—A321 @orangenaguit
TG 5—Spirit—Boston—A321
TG 3—Frontier—Denver—A320 @Big_Elijah
TG 2—Frontier—Denver—A321
TG 1—Air Canada—Toronto—ERJ175

Please don’t judge to harshly this is my first event

Taxi Map For Event

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Hey! Quick fix here!

You should probably organize that

You should add markings to let people know where to taxi.

Thank you! -PilotCSG


Sweet jackson! Sure I’ll take gate I’m going to choose.

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Yes! My home airport!

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Hey! What time is this?

Make sure to format the event as “03JUN20 / 1200Z - The Southern-Delta Flyour @KJAN

Zulu time is an example, not the correct time. I think it will be 2200Z…?

Can I have TG 13 to Charlotte please?

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I’ll take TG 7 please. Also, you should edit your title to include the starting time which in this case will be 2200Z.

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New Signups

i will take TG 6. 🙂

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Your Signed up, can’t wait to see you there!

New Signup

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Hey There! Just need to fix your title!

It should say 3JUN20 / 1300Z

Please fix your title to this please!


Event date has changed

Please fix your title!

What’s wrong?

Nothing now! It’s been fixed!

Can I get TG 8—Delta—Detroit—A320

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Absolutely, welcome to the community glad to have you here

New Signup

Can I change my gate to TG 3 please?

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