[FINISHED!] [8 ATTENDEES!] Spitfire Formations! @ KRIV - 291600ZSEP18

I am unable to come now as I have just remembered I have my own event to go to, sorry!

That’s k, have fun at the Bermuda Fly-out!

Anyone want to swap or have gate Mil 02?

good morning, somebody willing to train the route today in a cirrus?

I think so, if you want, we could hop on casual! @puma30498

excelent captain , lets go. if any one else wants to come , feel free to do so.

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Anyone want to join the event? Ideally it should be 3+ people, and an odd number so we can fly in a ^ formation 😸

8 days until the event! Problem is, not very full, so on the 29th at around 1300Z, I’ll check if we want to push it back, if not, we can proceed

Just a reminder, the event is less than a week away!

5 days remaining!

hi would be coming as Air Force 134

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@Typhoon192, thanks for coming!

Hi, I would like to participate in the event.

Call sign: IBERIA 34

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@Othman_Asli, could I please have an Air Force callsign like everyone else?

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I put you down as Air Force 34, if you would like to change, please tell me!

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Hi,i would like to join. Any Gate.
Callsign: Air Force 777

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@Rishon_R thanks for coming!

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One more person, or 3, please!

A post so people will see this on the forums :) Lets have another person please! 4 Days remaining!

Could you please hold this again some time.
I am the IFAEGAF’s Official Spitfire display pilot and would love to join but i have the Oceana Airshow on the same day during this time which is hosted by IFAEGAF.
If you hold it again please do contact me as i will definitely want to take part.


MRAF S Paddon
Euro Commander & Chief