[FINISHED!] [8 ATTENDEES!] Spitfire Formations! @ KRIV - 291600ZSEP18


Server: Casual (So in the case that one crashes, we have no violations, and we can do some acrobatic flying!)

Airport: KRIV (March Arb)

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Please spawn in 10 minutes prior, so at 1550Z, and the flight plan is just a general direction, and we can change it during flight! Also, as the title suggests, please use a Spitfire! We will cruise at 231kts at 9000ft, and the climb will be at around 175kts. We can climb higher to avoid mountains, and that’s all you need to know!

While I know some people may not like this event, maybe because it’s on casual, or the realism level isn’t high, I think it would be fun to maybe fly with the Spitfire, as testing it on solo revealed to me that it’s very easy to fly, and it feels great for formation flying.

Flight Plan:



Mil U01: @Latvia (Me, coming as RAF 1300
Mil U02: @Typhoon192 (Coming as RAF 134)
Mil U03: @puma30498 (Coming as RAF 790)
Mil U04: @Andrew_Plummer (Coming as RAF 502)
Mil U05: @Othman_Asli (Coming as RAF 34)
Mil U06: @Rishon_R (Coming as RAF 777)
Mil T01: @Loganboss_558 (Coming as RAF 27)
Mil T02: @Alex_Lopresti (RAF 728)
Mil T03:
Mil T04:
Mil T05:
Mil T06:

Current formation:

                                       @Typhoon192        @puma30498
                                @Alex_Lopresti                      @Othman_Asli
                          @Rishon_R                                         @Loganboss_558      

More gates will be added as needed, runway 24 and runway 12 will be in use, and thanks for coming to the event!

Never have I ever - IF Edition

If you would like me to change to training or expert, I will if it’s what you want to come, but if we crash, we have a TON of violations! So that’s why I chose casual


Hello! I will be coming, as Air Force 1313


Sure! Air Force 1313, thanks for coming!


No problem, glad to be coming.


Can i have MilU03?


Yes you can! Thanks for coming! Can I have a callsign though? @puma30498


callsing will be HI790


just one question ,the flight will be on september the 29th?


Yes, the 29th of September at 16:00 Zulu time. And could I change your callsigns to Air Force 790? @puma30498


awesome brother , cannot wait ( im gonna start practicing BTW)


Wanna hop on casual for some practice?


afirmative captain, joining now


Which airport? KRIV?


thats correct captain, joining now


Please use a Spitfire :)


Can I still come and practise?


If u want! We’re just messing around in f16s


hey latvia sorry about unspawning , battery got dead , il be there in a moment


are you still flying over there?