[FINISHED!] [75 ATTENDING] Super Realistic LAX Flyout With Real World Procedures! @KLAX - 291900ZSEP19

Host - TheFlyingGuy1

Co-Host - @den.aviation

Special Thanks To

@FBWFTW for helping find the departure procedures.

The Event

The most realistic LAX flyout. This event will have all of the correct gates and terminals for all flights. We will have correct procedures. Thank you for checking out my event. Hope you can join.

The Airport
Los Angeles International Airport (ICAO: KLAX/IATA: LAX) LAX is the main airport serving Southern California. It has many routes all over the world and is a hub for many airlines. It has 4 runways and the airport is capable of having almost every plane. The airport was built in 1928. It has serviced over 87,534,384 passengers and has had over 707,833 airplane operations The airport has 4 long concrete runways.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles aka L.A. is a large city on the coastal side of Southern California. It is the most populated city in California, the second most populated city in the U.S. behind New York City, and is the 3rd most populated city in North America. The city has a population of nearly 4 million. It is the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Southern California. L.A. is the largest city in the west coast of North America.

Server Expert

Airport KLAX

Time 1900Z


NOTAM Spawn in your correct gate. Follow the procedures. Use Unicom or ATC. No trolling. Most importantly HAVE FUN!

You are responsible to make your in flight plan. I would suggest using FPLTOIF I am not responsible for violations during the event.

Airport Chart

Overview Of Airport

Takeoff Procedure


Terminal 1, Southwest Airlines

Gate 9: Southwest 737-700 Canyon Blue to KSFO @AryaTheLivingMeme
Gate 11A: Southwest 737-700 Heart to KDAL
Gate 11B: Southwest 737-700 Canyon Blue to KLAS @Ur_Friendly_Approach
Gate 13: Southwest 737-700 Heart to KPDX @Bravo59
Gate 15: Southwest 737-700 Heart to KOAK @Alice
Gate 17A: Southwest 737-800 Heart to KSLC @Tim_Hammer
Gate 17B: Southwest Airlines Heart to KHOU
Gate 18B: Southwest 737-700 Canyon Blue to KMSY
Gate 18A: Southwest 737-700 Heart to KSMF @CAKnights09
Gate 16: Southwest 737-700 Heart to KMDW @Alice
Gate 14: Southwest 737-800 Canyon Blue to KBNA @HadenJohnson
Gate 12A: Southwest 737-700 Heart to KSFO @TimShan05
Gate 12B: Southwest 737-700 Heart to KSLC

Terminal 2, Multiple Airlines

Gate 21B: Virgin Atlantic 787-9 to EGLL @Mateomaxt
Gate 23: Delta 717 to KPDX
Gate 25: Delta 717 to KSFO
Gate 27: Delta 757 to KDTW
Gate 28: Delta 757 to KJFK
Gate 26: Delta 737-800 to MMSD
Gate 24: Delta 737-800 to KCVG
Gate 22: Delta 737-900 to KSEA

Terminal 3, Multiple Airlines

Gate 39: Delta 737-900 to PHNL @Captain_T_Malone
Gate 38B: Delta 757 to PHOG
Gate 37A: Delta 737-900 to KATL
Gate 37B: Delta 757 to KMCO
Gate 36: Delta 737-800 to KLAS @DylanHK
Gate 35: Delta A321 to KATL @Alex_Kyte
Gate 34: Delta 717 to KDEN
Gate 33B: Delta 757 to KBOS @Sunseeker58
Gate 33A: Westjet 737-800 to CYYC @Cody_M
Gate 32: Westjet 737-800 to CYYZ
Gate 31A: Westjet 737-800 to CYVR @Jbyron88
Gate 31B: Delta 737-800 to KSFO @anon45500775
Gate 30: Westjet 737-800 to CYEG

Terminal 4, American Airlines

Gate 41: American Airlines 787-9 to SAEZ @Dan2248
Gate 43: American Airlines 787-9 to KDFW @Gotcha
Gate 45: American Airlines 737-800 Current to KPHX @Luke_Sta
Gate 47A: American Airlines A321-200 to PHOG @TheFlyingGuy1
Gate 47B: American Airlines A321-200 to KJFK @kevinlu1999
Gate 49A: American Airlines B737-800 Current to KIAD
Gate 49B: American Airlines A321-200 to KPHL
Gate 48B: American Airlines B787-9 to YSSY @Jean-Marc_Koumaya
Gate 48C: American Airlines A321-200 to PHOG
Gate 46C: American Airlines B777-300ER to KMIA @Kevinsoto1502
Gate 46B: American Airlines B737-800 Current to KBNA @Southern_Aviator
Gate 46A: American Airlines A321-200 to KCLT @American_1549
Gate 42A: American Airlines A321-200 to KORD
Gate 42B: American Airlines A321-200 to PHNL
Gate 40: American Airlines B737-800 Current to MMSD @Delta07

Terminal 5, Multiple Airlines

Gate 51A: Spirit A320 to KDTW @Helicopterzzz
Gate 53: Jet Blue A321 to KBOS @FBWFTW
Gate 55: Allegiant A320 to KGJT @KGJT-9149
Gate 57: American Airlines 737-800 to KAUS
Gate 59: Jet Blue A321 to KJFK @Capt_Sotto
Gate 58: Spirit A321 to KORD
Gate 56: Spirit A320 to KFLL
Gate 54B: Spirit A320 to KCLE @NathanD
Gate 54A: American Airlines A321 to PHOG @ewong05
Gate 52B: American Eagle CRJ-700 to KFAT @Chase_Smith1
Gate 52A: American Airlines A321 to KBNE
Gate 50B: Frontier A320 Ozzy to KCVG @ButterAllDay
Gate 50A: American Airlines A321 to PHOG

Terminal 6, Multiple Airlines

Gate 61: Alaska Airlines 737-800 to KSEA @Alaska170
Gate 63: Alaska Airlines A320-200 to KBOS @anon42527263
Gate 65A: Alaska Airlines 737-900 2016 to KJFK @Alaska_Airlines
Gate 65B: Alaska Airlines 737-800 to PHOG
Gate 67: Alaska Airlines 737-900 to KPDX @TaipeiGuru
Gate 69A: Alaska Airlines A320-200 to KSFO @Zak_Plant
Gate 69B: Alaska Airlines 737-800 to KSEA
Gate 68B: Air Canada 787-9 to CYYZ @anon41771314
Gate 68A: Alaska Airlines 737-900 2016 to KBOS @ButterAllDay
Gate 66: Alaska Airlines 737-800 to MMZH
Gate 64: Alaska Airlines A320 to KSFO @DimitriB
Gate 62: Alaska Airlines 737-800 to PANC @Pilot_Toronto
Gate 60: Alaska Airlines 737-900 Default to PHNL

Terminal 7, United Airlines / Express

Gate 71A: United Express CRJ-200 to KSAN @The_Homeless_Dorito
Gate 71B: United Airlines 737-900 to PHNL @Kyan_Perry
Gate 73: United Airlines 737-900 to PHNL @den.aviation
Gate 75A: United Airlines A320-200 to KMCO @UnitedGuy19
Gate 75B: United Airlines 737-800 to KCLE @AryaTheLivingMeme
Gate 77: United Airlines 777-200ER to KORD @bcc.123
Gate 76: United Airlines 777-200ER to KEWR @United_1154
Gate 74: United Airlines 757-200 to KBOS @snoman
Gate 72: United Airlines 737-800 to KIAD
Gate 70A: United Airlines 737-900 to KBWI
Gate 70B: United Airlines 737-900 to KSFO @ButterAllDay

Terminal 8, United Airlines / Express

Gate 80: United Express CRJ-200 to KBOI
Gate 81: United Airlines 737-900 to KSEA
Gate 82: United Express CRJ-200 to KACV
Gate 83: United Airlines 737-900 to MMUN
Gate 84: United Express CRJ-200 to KCOS
Gate 85: United Airlines A320-200 to KDEN @Jackalus_Mills
Gate 86: United 737-800 to CYVR
Gate 87: United Express CRJ-700 to KASE @Jack_Q
Gate 88: United Express CRJ-200 to KMRY

Tom Bradley International Terminal, Multiple Airlines

Gate 131: Aeroflot 777-300ER to UUEE @Bld003
Gate 133: Air Tahiti 787-9 to NTAA @robert_xing
Gate 135: Copa Airlines 737-800 to MPTO @Armani_B
Gate 137: Xiamen 787-8 to ZSAM @Lucas_Piedra
Gate 141: SAS A330 to ESSA @Jens_Severin
Gate 134: British Airways 747-400 to EGLL @oneworldqatar
Gate 132: KLM 787-9 to EHAM @Adam_Goodman
Gate 130: Cathay Pacific 777-300ER to VHHH @Ahmad_Brewster
Gate 148: China Airlines 777-300ER to RCTP @Captain_JR
Gate 150: Emirates A380-800 to OMDB @Helmethead
Gate 152: Japan Airlines 787-9 to RJAA @FrankieFremont
Gate 154: Korean Airlines A380-800 to RKSI @Marco-legend
Gate 156: Qatar 777-200LR to OTHH @Dylan_M
Gate 159: A380 to YMML @QVG-Crunch
Gate 157: Qantas A380-800 to YSSY @Lil_Qaz
Gate 155: Swiss 777-300ER to LSZH @United2
Gate 153: British Airways 747-400 to EGLL @JWFANMLG
Gate 151: Alaska Airlines A320-200 to MMPR @Will_A

FedEx Cargo

Cargo 01: FedEx MD-11F to KIND
Cargo 02 FedEx 777-200F to KEWR @Mark_Sawyer
Cargo 03: FedEx MD-11F to KIND
Cargo 04: FedEx MD-11F to PHNL @controlpointcardiff
Cargo 05: FedEx MD-11F to KMEM
Cargo 06: FedEx 777-200F to KMEM
Cargo 07: FedEx MD-11F to PHNL
Cargo 08: FedEx MD-11F to KIND
Cargo 09: FedEx 777-200F to KEWR
Cargo 10: FedEx MD-11F to KMEM
Cargo 11: FedEx 777-200F to KMEM
Cargo 12: FedEx 777-200F to KEWR
Cargo 13: FedEx DC-10 to KAFW

South Cargo

South Cargo 01: Generic 777-200F to KAUS @BadPlane
South Cargo 02: Cargolux 747-8 to MMMX
South Cargo 03: Cargolux 747-8 to KORD @Everything_Matthew
South Cargo Pad 01: DHL 757-200 to KSEA @TransportForLife
South Cargo Pad 02: Atlas Air 747-400 to RJAA
South Cargo Pad 03: Atlas Air 747-400 to PANC
South Cargo Pad 04: Air Bridge Cargo 747-8 to KATL
South Cargo Pad 05: Air Bridge Cargo 747-8 to EDDF
South Cargo Pad 06: DHL 757-200 to KSEA
South Cargo Pad 07: DHL 757-200 to KSEA

GA Gates*

GA 01: TBM 930 Plane Spotting @AviatorGamerYT
GA 02:
GA 03:
GA 04:
GA 05:
GA 06:
GA 07:
GA 08:
GA 09:
GA 10:
GA 11:
GA 12:
GA 13:

*GA gates max plane size, A318 or 737-700. You choose your destination. Any IF livery or private livery.
All of these flights are real life routes. I spent about 6 hours working on this so i hope you like the event. If there is a route that you want that is not shown i will add is at long as it is a real life route. If i made a mistake please let me know and i will fix it. Hope to see you at LAX!



LAX Gateway, Los Angeles, California, USA | Color Kinetics
AirNav: KLAX - Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport - Wikipedia
LAX Official Site| Airport Terminal Map & Airline Location Map


Gate 61 thank you

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Gate 151 to MMPR please. Thanks!

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2 things before my gate request…


Delta does not fly out of Terminal 5 at LAX. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

Delta operates out of Terminals 2 and 3, and some gates in the TBIT.


Ok. I will fix that

The source I used was back from 2018 so that might be why

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I think so 😉 many of the gates seem to be misaligned with what is used today. Additionally, the LAXX1 departure isn’t up to date.


I’ll make this more up to date when I get home.

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@TheFlyingGuy1 can you add Allegiant’s flight to GJT? I’m pretty sure it still exists

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Please may I have gate 150, Tom Bradley Terminal - Emirates A380-800 to OMDB. Call sign will be EK216. Thanks.

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I’ll add everyone once I get home :) and fix the gates

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Everyone has been added. @KGJT-9149 the Allegiant is a real route so I changed it. @Armani_B. Do you remember what destination gate 61 had. I forgot when I fixed all the gates :)

And by the way all gates have been updated to April 2019.

It was MPTO Copa Airlines

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Knew it. I almost just put you on the new gate for Panama before you replied

Ok thank you

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Could I fly the Spirit Airlines flight to Cleveland out of 54B in Terminal 5

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Yes you can. I’ll add you. Thanks for signing up

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Can I have this
Gate 75A: United Airlines A320-200 to KMCO

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