[FINISHED] 6AUG20 / 1600Z - Jamaica's Independence Day Flyout @ MKJS [FINISHED]

Welcome to Jamaica!!!

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Welcome to Jamaica everyone! On August 6th Jamaica will be celebrating 58 years of independence and I’d like to honor that by having a flyout at Sangster International Airport. So come on down with me to the Carribean and let fill up Jamaica’s buisiest airport.


Server: Expert

Airport: Sangster International Airport (MKJS)

Time: 2020-08-06T16:00:00Z


Sangster International Airport is the busiest airport in Jamaica and served nearly 5 million passengers in 2019 to 34 different destinations. The airport is on the northern part of the island and serves the city of Montego Bay. This airports construction was finished in 1947 and has expanding ever since. They have 1 runway (7/25) that is approximately 8,700 feet. They have also had over 42,000 aircraft operations in 2019.

Airport Diagram

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  • Respect unicom or IFATC if present

  • Spawn 15-20 minutes prior to pushback

  • Don’t attempt to pushback at the same time as another aircraft beside you

  • Have Fun!!!

If you’d like to change your destination please check here to make sure they serve the route before asking.


Commercial Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
01 Carribean Airlines 737-800 KJFK
02 JetBlue A320 KBOS
03 JetBlue A320 KMCO
04 United 737-800 KIAH
05 American A321 KCLT @Captain-787
06 American 737-800 KDFW
07 American 737-800 KMIA @anon43244797
08 Southwest 737-700 KBWI
09 TUI Airways 787-8 EGCC
10 Spirit A320 KFLL @KSS
12 Southwest 737-700 KMCO @ORD777flyer
13 Delta 737-800 KATL @anon48289827
14 Frontier A320 KPHL
15 Air Canada A321 CYYZ
16 Copa 737-800 MPTO
17 Virgin Atlantic 787-9 EGKK
18 Air Transat A330-300(Generic Livery) YCUL
19 LATAM A320 SPJC @Udeme_Ekpo

Make sure to include callsign, aircraft, and destination if you’d like to claim a GA apron

Gate Callsign Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
Apron 1 Unknown A318 MMTO @AliAlex
Apron 2
Apron 3
Apron 4
Apron 5

Cargo gates will be used as overflow gates

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I’ll take delta to Atlanta??

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@anon48289827 you are signed up, thanks for your interest

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I will take this gate

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@Captain-787 you are signed up, thanks for your interest

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I will take this gate please thank you

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@Udeme_Ekpo you are signed up, thanks for your interest

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Hey man would it be a problem if I got a gate to MCO on a Southwest 737-700?

Not at all @ORD777flyer, you are signed up at gate 12, thanks for your interest

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Thank you so much man I appreciate that


I will try to make it. I will take this gate please

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You are signed up @CPT_Colorado, thanks for your interest

Attention to all pilots attending the event! There has been a time change and the event will now start at 2020-08-06T16:00:00Z

Bumping this topic, Let’s get some more sign up for Jamaica!!!

This one looks nice,so I will take this one!

Nice Event!

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@anon43244797 you are signed up!!! Thanks for your interest

Sounds like a good day to do ATC😄


Can I please have ACJ/A318 to MMTO from a GA apron?

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@AliAlex you are now signed up, thanks for signing up

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Event is in less than 5 days, lets try to get 2 more sign ups.