Finished![50 Attending!] [Huge Flyout!] Real ATC Communication via Discord@ KSEA - 281900ZSEP19

I am Tower then

This is infinite flight, not a I can’t give a kid a chance wonderland.

Look at the post above

Oh come on

I’ll be departure then

Do you have any experience irl?

What?? I’m just trying to help make it more realistic. The OP can have who ever do ATC but I just thought I’d help out and make it more realistic since I have first hand knowledge

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I have experience as a pilot talking to ATC and talking to many controllers RL

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I know I know bro I’m messing with you 😑

@Lil_Qaz Since when do you have to be from IRL

What position would you like that is not tower?

There are high standards for this event because a lot of people want to be atc

I prefer tower it’s what I’m good at. But I can do anything. Ground, clearance.

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And I have Infinite Flight ATC experience… I am applying for IFATC next week as I have read multiple IFC manuals and watch videos.

Sorry my second hand person requested tower. Would you prefer ground, clearance, or departure?

What will be your callsign?

Heck I can do all three. But if not I’ll do ground/clearance

I can handle departure.

can i take ground?

Welcome to the IF community!

I will put you down as clearance.