Finished![50 Attending!] [Huge Flyout!] Real ATC Communication via Discord@ KSEA - 281900ZSEP19

@Lil_Qaz Did I add to many gates?

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No, just some c gates should be q

A06 is yours! Thanks for coming!

Wait so am I in for A13? I don’t see my name on the list. Speedbird 48 is my callsign.

Yes you are just put it in.

this event could end up clashing with @Plnelovr’s event

But they are a 2 hours between the 2 events so you might be fine

It shouldn’t conflict. Do you want to join this event?

One is on expert and the other is on training. It’s fine

nah I already signed for the other one

I wanted a13 gate
It’s alright, I’ll just take the flight to EGKK

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Oh I think you were after the other guy.

What will be your callsign

My call sign is

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Alright I put you down.

Just a heads up @Lil_Qaz Gate C6 doesn’t exist, you forgot gates C3, C9, C11, C15 and C17-20. Take a look at the list I PMed you.

I just got rid of all of the c gates and replaced them with q

737s aren’t capable of flying out of Q gates,

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I suppose technically they are, but as for realism, they’re not.

It would be difficult to change that many gates, so I’m just going to leave it.

Totally understandable. The main thing I was pointing out is that you forgot to change C6.