Finished![50 Attending!] [Huge Flyout!] Real ATC Communication via Discord@ KSEA - 281900ZSEP19

This event will be on Saturday, September 28th, 2019. It was made in collaboration with @KennedyTurner

Server : Training

Airport : KSEA


Image credit: Wikipedia Commons

NOTAM : Please, make sure your Gate, Callsign, Aircraft, and Livery are correct Before you spawn in. Just because a gate is empty doesn’t mean you can spawn in it if it’s not yours. Only use your assigned gate.

Clearance: @Beast_Assassin
Ground: @N1DG
Tower: @KennedyTurner
Departure: @November-Kilo16
Aircraft Models/Variants have been changed due to the fact of the original aircraft not being in IF, or the aircraft doesn’t have the airline’s livery.

Concourse A

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
A01 B739 Delta Airlines KMSP @Sam73628 DL1013
A02 B738 Delta Airlines KSLC @Mdawgbacon
A03 B739 Delta Airlines KLAX @anon9524891 DLVA2314
A04 B752 Delta Airlines KATL @DanVenezuela CARACAS
A05 B752 Delta Airlines PLIH @Pingu DL 416
A06 B739 Delta Airlines KATL @Thunderbolt_78 Delta 2580
A07 B738 Delta Airlines KLAS @BLOXro_lives
A08 A321 Spirit Airlines KBWI @MonkeyManofLife NK422
A09 A320 United Airlines KIAH @zackarie_williams UAL 1867
A10 B752 United Airlines KORD @Everything_Matthew United 670
A11 CRJ7 United Express KMSP @JackAviation United 568
A12 B788 Delta Airlines RJAA @QVG-Crunch DAL167
A13 B789 British Airways EGLL @VerifiedNub Speedbird 48
A14 A320 United Airlines KSFO @mogbog UVAL024

Concourse B

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
B01 B752 Delta Airlines PHNL
B02 CRJ7 Delta Airlines KBOI (Had to throw it in)
B03 B738 Delta Airlines KORD
B04 B712 Delta Airlines KDEN @KGJT-9149 Delta 9149
B05 A319 Delta Airlines KMSY
B06 A321 JetBlue KIAH @Pertonics Jetblue 9982
B07 A321 JetBlue KJFK @samueltherohtlaan Jetblue 137
B08 B737 Southwest Airlines KDEN @anon42527263 SVA 200
B09 B738 Southwest Airlines KSLC @Zak_Zaitz
B10 B737 Southwest Airlines KSJC
B11 B737 Southwest Airlines KOAK
B12 B737 Southwest Airlines KDFW

Concourse Q

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
Q01 DH8D Horizon Airlines KPUW @Captain_Merka Hoirzon 113
Q02 DH8D Horizon Airlines CYVR @Cody_M AS775
Q03 B739 Alaska Airlines KEUG @Jacopo_Delle_Piane Alaska 953
Q04 DH8D Horizon Airlines KGEG
Q05 DH8D Horizon Airlines KMSO
Q06 DH8D Horizon Airlines KPSC
Q07 DH8D Horizon Airlines KEAT
Q08 A320 Alaska Airlines KSAT
Q09 B737 Alaska Airlines PAJN @Gorkiev_001 Alaska 1273
Q10 B739 Alaska Airlines KORD
Q12 B739 Alaska Airlines KGEG
Q13 B739 Alaska Airlines KPDX

Concourse D

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
D01 B737 Southwest Airlines KPHX
D03 A320 Alaska Airlines KSAN
D04 A320 Alaska Airlines KBNG
D05 A321 Alaska Airlines KSFO @Alaska170 Alaska 110
D08 A321 American Airlines KDFW

South Satellite

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
S01 B77W Cathay Pacific VHHH @tinytinnytin
S02 B748 Korean Airlines RKSI @Squirry KAL 094
S03 A320 Delta Airlines KAUS
S04 B712 Delta Airlines KSFO
S05 MD-11F Generic KCLT @BadPlane NCS003
S06 B777W Singapore Airlines WSSS @sgp_aviation Singapore 27
S07 B752 Iceland Air BIKF
S08 B752 All Nippon Airways RJAA @TransportForLife ANA 177
S09 A333 Delta Airlines EHAM @Brenden_Hirsch
S10 B744 British Airways EGLL @Adam_Goodman
S11 B78X Virgin Atlantic EGKK @Polski PIEROGI
S12 B789 Virgin Atlantic EGLL @janksadam DLVA1801
S13 A333 Air France LFPG @Michael_Anderson AF 355
S14 B77 United Airlines RJAA @Jetcentric UAL875
S15 B748 Lufthansa EDDF @Marco-legend Lufthansa 963 Heavy

Cargo routes can be chosen by the pilot. Since there are many open gates, I am open to route suggestions if you don’t want one of the already planned routes.


The title needs to be fixed


I know, same with the time

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I’ll take any atc position you give me!


I’ll take gate A08


Is the time official?

And if so, for what time zone?


The time conversion didn’t copy when I sent him the draft. My bad. The time you see is American Central


can i have this gate please

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@QVG-Crunch @MonkeyManofLife Do you guys have active discords and microphones? I ask this because at the last event, some people signed up without mics, even thought it said that you have to have a mic.

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yes I do

i was SQ231 from the last one ;)


Sit baller is that the same time as the last event?

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I’m taking Grd/Twr

Oh! How was the flight to Sydney, and were my atc skills alright

Yes It is, and to @Nicholas_Henry,I have already reserved KSEA Tower. @Lil_Qaz forgot to take my name off of the A Concourse

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Check the Zulu time

As a pilot, and someone who is used to doing atc communications i be happy to do ATC as I know all the lingo they use and know how to get aircraft out effectively

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your atc was good and i am approaching sydney right now :)

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You best butter that landing boi

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Also, to everyone that wants to reserve ATC, at the moment, it is one station per person. @Lil_Qaz, Can you add the ATC positions to the post?

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What would you like to do bescides tower?