[Finished] [5 attendees] Bozeman Flyout @ KBZN - 142000ZDEC19

My new event is takes place at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park and is an ever growing airport as it welcome it’s latest carrier Sun Country Airlines. In 2013 it was awarded the busiest airport in the state of Montana.The airport is home to 359 aircraft and in 2018 it severed 1,342,290 passengers and hosted 90,508 aircraft operations in 2018.

Credits Business view magazine
Server: Expert
Airport: KBZN


NOTAM: Pushback order will be gate 1-8 and if you are flying a GA aircraft once the commercial gates pushback start your engine(s)


Frontier Airlines
United Airlines/Express
Delta Airlines/Connection
American Airlines/American Eagle
Alaska Airlines(Horizon)


Gate 1 Frontier A320 KDEN @James_Digby
Gate 2 American Airlines 738 KDFW
Gate 3 Allegiant A320 KLAS @NathanD
Gate 4 Delta A321 KATL @jet_centric
Gate 5 Delta E170 KSLC
Gate 6 United 737-700 KORD
Gate 7 United A320 KEWR @Jack_Q
Gate 8 Alaska Airlines DH8D KSEA @PlaneCrazy


GA ramps fit up to a 737-900 BBJ
GA ramp 1
GA ramp 2
GA ramp 3
GA ramp 4
GA ramp 5
GA ramp 6

7-8 are GA cargo ramps

GA ramp 7 FedEx C208 KBIL
GA ramp 8 FedEx C208 KGTF
GA ramp 9 Mountain Air Cargo KHLN

If you have any suggestions please tell me thank you for signing up!


Can you make the time using insert date and time in order to show when the event starts in my/our local time? Thanks

Edit: I mean the time, not just the date lol😆😆 @NathanD

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ok I will thank you for pointing that out

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How do I change the time?
Edit @ouzi I figured it out thank you for all the help

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Could I get gate 4 to ATL,
What’s the correct time and date?

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Ooh I would take gate 8 but I am away that weekend.

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You’re going to make @PlaneCrazy proud!

I would love to show up but this event is at 12 AM my time (PST) so I won’t be able to join :(


Actually I meant for it to be at 12pst noon

Yay, a flyout from my home airport! Thanks for making this, it’s great to see Montana getting some attention:-)

I take to Q400 to SEA please, can’t wait!

Fyi, I changed your Zulu time to match 12pm pst.


Oh man I really want to attend this event because nobody ever flies to Montana. But this may be a ski day for me, @PlaneCrazy would understand.


@PlaneCrazy you’ve been added thanks for for joining!

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Alright what the heck! United has a seasonal flight to and from Newark. Do you think I can have this route?


Sure thing! What aircraft were you thinking of flying?


Airbus A320👍🏻


Very excited for the event tommorow!

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Happy to take Gate 1

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You are added thanks for joining!

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