(Finished!)(36 attending)[Partnered with Delta Virtual & ASVA] Americas Busiest: Volume 2: The Emerald City @ KSEA - 281800ZSEP19

S16 is yours

Can I have any American gate, but is it possible to switch the destination to KCLT with the A321? Thanks!

Of course, I’ll find you a gate

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gate S1 please

Of course, S1 is yours

Gate s13 please

Sure thing, S13 is yours

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Let’s get the event to 20 people today!

I’ll Get Gate D11

D11 is yours, have fun in Chicago

Thank You!

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Can I have GA stand 1? My destination will be PHLI👍

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Sure thing, great destination

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Who thinks that we can get to 20 people by the end of the day! Sign up now and make it happen

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Can I get Alaska a-320 to KSAN in gate d6

Just asking, do you mean September 28 or October 28 in the title?

@Leong_Qi_Wei_819 thanks, I missed have missed that

@Alaska_Airlines the gate is yours!

Still a lot of gates left, whether it be to Dublin or Portland, Seattle has the route for you

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Think we can get to 20 people? I do! Sign up now and make it happen

is it possible for me to switch gate C15’s destination to KSNA instead of KSAN? if not that’s fine just wanted to ask, and if the answer is yes, then sign me up!